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  1. ......and we are never going to get it back. Have you ever Googled "get it back" About 1,880,000,000 results (0.32 seconds). Not too shabby.
  2. If he hurries, Reid can reenact (this time film, for $$$) Anne's 720-degree knockdowns... possibly without leaving Navy Pier. As for flotilla boats: Barley already has dibs on the Hobie. (Hobie killed Barley! You Bastards!!!) Canoe is booked. I'm taking the opportunity to learn fly-fishing. Leaving the Snark or a park district rental Moth. What's yer preference, Great Lakes Sparky?
  3. The thought of Salty as a registered voter... Granted, only for HS Prom King & Queen....but still. http://www.google.co...-8&q=reid+stowe SparkyWolf, I assume you meant to post this Google search link ("Reid Stowe"), listing 8,820 links to all ten MC press releases (88 times each), as opposed to the 409,000 hits your search implies. Sadly, a search of "reid stowe" "squawk" only returns (56) hits. There is no justice in this Google world. Only a link to a lone photo of pensive Squawk, reflecting on former glory days. Speaking of Google, if thinking of booking a
  4. I didn't make that leap, Mike, but would agree it's well over the top if that's what Pip meant. In fact, it would ethically place her squarely among Weed's ranks if she had evidence and did nothing with it, beyond posting to a sailing web site. I never understand this anonymity argument, for two reasons. First, statements are either true, false, or typically 99.99% TFR on their on merits, independent of screen names used. Real names would not make the true false, the false true, the TFR plausible, nor change odds of ignorant people believing the latter two. Washington spits out f
  5. Sailorbrewer Announces Record Oceanic Brewing Mission October 18, 2010 CScow Associated Press Chicago, Papua New Guinea Pig Updated (one sec...putting down Dogfish IPA to hit Numlock) 22 seconds ago Master homebrewing rock star and Sailorman "CScow" has announced sudden plans to drift the world's oceans Great Lakes for 1000 days at somebody else's expense while brewing beer, insulting Detroit Redwings fans, and writing 3M Corp regarding abrasive properties of ground zebra mussel shells when applied to bare feet. The science project, underwritten by generous grants from John D. and
  6. Yeah. That and Barley, concerned with his figure, drinks Coors Ultra Light. On the rocks. Diluted, with a splash of soda water. Typical Redwings fans...
  7. As a serious sidenote to your earlier exchange with JP, can I assume you've seen the Kevin Bacon & wife (Kyra Sedgwick?) movie "The Woodsman", in which Bacon plays a pedophile recently released from prison? If so, what did you think? Personally, my base opinion remains (see Mother Bear test) but that movie provided reason to pause. Highly recommended for anyone interested in difficult mental health aspects Mr. Ed is referring to. Likewise for anyone who, like me (until this movie), assumed Kevin Bacon is just a fluff actor. One of the most difficult movies I've ever seen and, in many respe
  8. Interesting presentation, Ed. What does the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition (DSM-IV) have to say about 58 year old Sailormen taking non-sailing 23 year old girlfriends on one-way 1000+ day ocean cruises...before granting them (for instance) the basic human courtesy of a single WEEKEND of prior open water exposure and sail training? What about Sailormen keeping a pregnant girlfriend confined in a small, constantly moving environment, feeding her salted fish, etc....staying "out there, doing it" solely to attain a world sailing vacation record? Thu
  9. I presume you are practicing for Thursday open mic night at the Hoboken Improv. Be sure to follow up with one-liners regarding airport hassles on your way in from Poland. (The "In YOURRR country...", "In MYYYY country" shtick. Chandler digs that and I believe is one of the Hoboken-Gotz-Talent judges). Your sorority sister, FratBoy, is the only likely competitor, having nearly identical skill and delivery. You can knock him off his game by just tossing out a few tdBF comments. Good luck, break a leg.
  10. Quiz Time! Find the interesting points in the above post!
  11. Great link, Sparky. Easily your most entertaining post to date. Moxie appears to be a bit more than MC's idea of an anarchist. Think selective anarchist, backed by lucrative technical and communication skills, plus a sense of humor. He chooses between brands of anarchy at will (because he can, having done his homework), making him difficult to confuse with somebody who kinda makes surfboards awhile, studies art awhile, runs a courier service awhile, more or less lives on donations awhile, drifts on a boat awhile, loses track of time, and (shy of some pending miracle) ends up a 100% depend
  12. Speaking of subtle humor and keeping up, I just read that New York Magazine article (9/17)... She liked to listen to him talk about meditation and yoga and sustainable living... followed by: The person returns to tell him that the stove he’s looking for is only available to order online. “Okay, good. Can I order it with a credit card?” he asks. Yes, he can—which is great news, since his partner, Soanya Ahmad, has a credit card. Starting to think this Stowe character is on to something. Girlfriend. With credit card. In my case, girlfriend with credit who happens to be out of
  13. Excuse the off-topic post, folks, but brew season is here again...and I need recipe advice from Barley. (For newcomers, 1K-DOW beer brewing season is traditionally celebrated between sailing and hockey seasons, triggered kicked off this year by the George Clinton & Parliament funkadelic cover band featured in the above video). Anyway, Barley, I found this Imperial Hovian IPA beer recipe. Grain, hops, and yeast portions look right but I don't recall IPA having 200+ pounds of additives. That and something critical seems to be missing, just can't figure out what. Any recommendations?
  14. Sailorman Hacked, Flicked, Sued, Offered Job Interview - All In The Same Week CScow Associated Press Hoboken Heights, PA August 35, 2010 A Sailorman has been asked to appear for an unexpected job interview next Tuesday, following submission of a prank job application to Maersk, an international shipping firm, claiming advanced ship collision-avoidance systems expertise. The proposed job interview shocked family, friends, analysts, girlfriends, and other naysayers. Unemployment rates among veteran full time Sailormen seeking Maersk jobs had been widely expected to remain constant
  15. Sure would be interesting to hear Viva's version of the same story, eh? Easy to imagine it going a bit more along these lines: This elderly stranger walked up one day and said, "Viva, how did you do that?" And I said, "Well, this is what you taught me when I was a little girl. When you lay down you bring the healing white light of the Universe into your toes, then your feet, then you bring it up through your body, and then you go out of your body, and you expand into the Universe, and then you can access your greater powers" I attended class, studied, and worked odd jobs for money, f
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