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  1. somewhere out there is a Dyer Dhow with carbon fiber stringers and extra tabbing locations under the seats. It was frostbite at IHYC for one winter while I was racing there.
  2. I currently have the NRS Co-Pilot and really like it. Goes through the modern stuff very well. Had a NRS Pilot before it which I also really liked but with my new life jacket the Pilot was too big. Actually have 2, my wife has one on her PFD. I even had to use the Pilot in "anger" cutting a trapped kid out of a turtled Hartley 10. It saved the day. Had the Pilot on my PFD for 6 years, only issue was the rubber handle slowly melted to goo. The co-pilot has been on the new PFD since May. The Pilot is now aboard my keel boat.
  3. last summer we were looking for a lake boat. Every boat that popped up on Craig's List was sold before I could even respond. Missed 3 possible boats and I was replying just a few hours after the listing hit. Finally picked up a Chaparral 23 with less than 10 hours on it. it was more than I wanted to spend but it was brand new and came with a slip and trailer. I have heard of guys walking the dock in our marina asking people if they want to sell their boats for cash.
  4. I can't say what they should do at the Olympics but I can comment on what we do in the North East in regards to high school sailing. I am a coach and most of my skilled kids exit a tack faster than they go into it, in certain conditions. Not every tack, but a bunch. All the coaches know it's happening, their kids do it too. However we have no proof it is happening. We don't have trackers and such. I have a few sea lawyers on my team who have tried and failed to protest for this. I have always warned them against it. However if it is a drifter and a boat is tacking simply for the speed
  5. Had one for many years. The orientation of the mast base is meaningless. It can be skewed a lot. We used the forward hole if I remember correctly. that is a very flexible rig. Very tunable for conditions. Did two Everglades Challenges in ours so 600 plus miles of racing. Great boat.
  6. no. Not C420 anyway. C420s aren't that old as a class. Maybe an I420? But I seriously doubt that. Years ago I coached a kid with an ancient I420. wooden rails and a forward mast base for mainsail only single handing. Wooden cam cleats. He had a golden colored aluminum mast. I coached him in 1994 and the boat was ancient then
  7. Force 5s are back in production. Weeks in Patchogue NY is the current builder. Yes, in 2021
  8. With this boat it is all about fun and keeping the legend of the blooper alive.They hoist it every few years it seems. I think I last saw it on a beer can race in '18 or '19. They were having a tough race and were back in the pack when they tossed it up.
  9. not our boat. we have the little Seascape 24. This is a friend
  10. Not something you see often in a Wednesday night beer can race. Location is Lake Champlain Yacht Club, specifically out on Shelburne Bay. The boat is Sundance, a Pearson 37 that has been raced on the lake for many years. Course was a W4 (4 legs) with the legs being 1.25 miles long. Breeze was north at 15 degrees and dying. The blooper was hoisted on the final leg. We were RC this night and took the shot from the RC boat. Pretty cool to see the blooper out. blooper photo.HEIC
  11. I had one. Did a few EC's in it. Converted it to take a deck over the cockpit when moored and had the ability to pitch a tent. Sailed a lot of miles in that boat. Owned it about 7 years. Really liked it but had too many boats. If you need any info I see what I can help with. Not on SA that much anymore, but I'll check in.
  12. that winch by the sheet bag must be fun to trim
  13. I bet the speeds are higher for Chaos and SewSew. The course is a bit less than 300 miles. If you can take all the shortest routes it can be as low as 260 miles. Of course going around Florida Bay adds miles and brings it closer to 300.
  14. Glad to see that article listed on the previous page here. Clears up some things. Looking at the track again I see MisterMoons hypothesis becoming more clear. I agree with him and DonKeyHoTey, both of whom I have finished an EC with. BravoBravo kudos to you for being concerned and making that known to race management. I did the same, as I have said. I can not speak for everyone involved but I am always glad to know people are watching the tracker and care enough to make a call to a friend involve. There are pretty clear guidelines about using the spot and I think many of us who have used
  15. I don't think anyone really knows what happened to him. On the Watertribe site there is a tracker where you can select a participant and see their track with time stamps. Since the tracker hasn't been cleaned you can still see Sailorman's track and where things start to look very concerning.
  16. I have talked to numerous people directly. People who were in KL, sailing in the event, helping to organize and run it. talked to them on the phone.
  17. Man, the usual SA shit fight ensues. Now I remember why I almost never come on here anymore. BravoBravo from what I am told you are pretty closely connected to a participant or two in this race. I see your point, clearly. I understand your concerns and I share some if them. However this "creed" shit is just calling names and picking fights. NYBOZO1, I don't really get what you mean by your statement. Watertribe folks are a pretty diverse bunch. We have world champs, national champs, weekend warriors, builders, designers, adventure racers, etc. Ages are all over the place but generally
  18. no, I couldn't remember what boat they were in that year. Dawnpatrol or the EC22
  19. The offset CB puts it in the wall of the cockpit seat instead of the middle. Not great for performance sailing but it opens up the cockpit a bunch and makes the boat more livable. I did the '16 EC in the open version. The Mk I. Stable, roomy, comfortable. Performance isn't great compared to racing dinghies if that is what you are used to. Compared to a West Wight Potter its a performance boat. The combination of the off set CB and split sail plan hurt upwind performance. Tacking angle are very broad. That said most of the EC is usually a reach so they do well. Not sure what the 20 an
  20. I can not accurately comment on timing as I have no direct knowledge. In hind sight it all is so clear, but at the time? I know I was confused. Didn't seem like a good place to be and all but, there were all the "ok" signals. Once those went quiet I was alarmed, but things like that have happened before. And not a fault of the tracker (which needs to be replaced)
  21. well put. DKHT we should catch up sometime. A lot to talk about
  22. It has been an incredibly long and sad day to be a Tribe member today. Not good news, which you all already know. Like BravoBravo I had been glued to the tracker as Sailorman wandered farther and farther off the coast. I messaged friends and people involved. I was told that the situation was being monitored and then that action was being taken. I can not and will not speculate about what happened when and with whom as I am in VT and only know what I was able to verify. I have watched all the FB discussions devolve and not add anything helpful. It's sad. I feel for the family of the sai
  23. Been there, done that. Water, lots of water. Change clothing, get out of the sun. Sleep! Then make a plan.
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