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  1. the one in CT has a winch????? More seriously though I know of at least 2 people in Watertribe who have bought FDs for the purpose of re rigging them for the EC. One guy even wants to do a cat-ketch!
  2. this boat has been for sale many times over the years on VT CL. Price never seems to budge. I once looked at in person, it was local to me and I drove past. Not really a boat worth the $. http://vermont.craigslist.org/boa/5520837944.html
  3. Twins from different mothers? wow, I know both of those boats! Not well but I do have very few degrees of separation...
  4. ...definitely would be a sore spot for the enablers. I've gone back and forth on this in my head a bunch. Not sure how "enabled" he is. Sure I know he has been helped along but seriously, if he was left homeless ashore how long would we give him? He may be a hapless idiot but he sure seems to beat the odds at sea. On land he would probably meet the same fate, on faster. People keep saying that it has been 4 days.... Without the Delorme we won't get updates and I doubt that tub has had any water over the bow so I bet he is still above the surface. Food and water? Batterie
  5. It's back!http://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/boa/5405339890.html Russell Perdocks next boat. looks like what Watertribers would do if they were in to power boats. Serious;y though, we should start a collection and buy it. It needs to live on. Possibly as a warning to others
  6. I'm not even sure you could burn that, but I think someone should try
  7. yeah, the 18 would be a great EC boat.....imho better than an i550 because of the centerboard
  8. is that a Yeti cooler up top? Salvage cost right there!
  9. found this gem http://tampa.craigslist.org/psc/boa/5311763533.html
  10. and here I thought I would never see another boat with an Opti mizzen......
  11. my guess is he is referring to whatever new app that is the solarizes pictures. You could do that in photoshop for years but most people don't have photoshop as it's $$$. however some new app is all the rage for this now, it's all over my FB feed.
  12. there is one of those locally. The previous owners loved it. Knew what it was, and wasn't. Sold it a few years ago. New owner is already trying to sell. Guess he didn't understand what he was buying.
  13. Do we have someone who can date photos of boats under sail by the dies in the print? I think there's a few years on this one. certainly not my taste at all but I'll give them a pass on this one. If the boat is in the condition that is pictured on the outside it is well cared for if not oddly added to. All in all given the price, I bet it finds a soul mate in that area of FL.
  14. That's for the trolling motor Tom. I see firewood. Not even worth sifting the ashes for the fastenings, since there isn't much value in what's left of a few old galvanized iron screws. The offset companionway makes it too dangerous to restore and sail but I see a higher use than just firewood. I bet the price is negotiable. Caskets are darn expensive. That's a Viking Funeral craft. LOL! I see a pretty good chicken coop out of that. Not much else.
  15. I had the stern view pop up in mine. Boggles the mind. No that isn't two boats, it's one. Totally bizarre!
  16. what I find interesting about this little boat is apparently the guy has made more than one and sold them off, or I suppose he did. Sport version my ass http://burlington.craigslist.org/boa/5262904432.html
  17. already been done BSD kayak kits http://www.baloghsaildesigns.com/aboutUs.html
  18. This deserves mention here and in Ugly boats. Not this particular one, but one of it's "class" was on my drive from Ludlow VT, to Rutland VT, when we were down that way. So ugly! So mock worthy. I think the price is close to fair but he may be high $50, or $75. Not sure which http://newhaven.craigslist.org/boa/5238130660.html Edited to attach photo
  19. given the rust on the chain I doubt that engine has run in a long time
  20. sailed on the VT based Swede 55 yesterday. Nice boat.
  21. is it just me or are the forward edges of the bunks causing a hollow?
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