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  1. they can always be deflected to the primaries
  2. he moved the boat back east when his family relocated
  3. https://sbyc.org/documents/10184/195844/2021_SB2KH_Results.pdf
  4. if it's a short sprit consider a fixed attachment point. If it's more traditional look into going 2:1 with it
  5. thought I was going to have to do the same but after blasting the base of the mast on my 105 it cleaned up nicely and nothing was needed
  6. ya that's what's a bit confusing. I didn't see anywhere it says that blocks need to be same diameter and mechanisms? Can ferrules be incorporate in areas where blocks once were etc? I'm not even seeing min/max halyard and rigging sizes dimensions
  7. As the boats are aging, a lot of the equipment and deck hardware needs replacement. I've read through the class rules and other resources but haven't found a clear answer to whether or not you can replace deck hardware (blocks, cleats, clutches etc. with equivalent and more modern alternatives from what was provided from the factory. Does anyone have experience with any restrictions?
  8. Good Afternoon EWS

    I saw your post about turboing the 1D35 and it mentioned any interested parties should message you about how best to go about it. I'm currently looking to upgrade boats from a Martin 242 to an offshore boat with an eye to NW racing Van Ilse oregon offshore ext ext 

    There is a 1d35 (the shadow) for sale in Vancouver that I'm looking at with an eye towards turboing it.  The other thing i was wondering was could your "kit" be adapted to a similar boat such as an SR33?  there is also 1 SR33 for sale in Vancouver.

  9. Unfortunately I don't believe SF has seen the potential yet of a well sailed FT10. No offense to the owners up there but the one you are using in your results has never sailed in a OD event. The level that the upper ends of the fleet sail at in SoCal and the PNW are more on par with what eightball did in your example. Really doesn't make much sense to compare the boats unless you have equally talented teams. Not to knock any of the boats I think the J/111 is a great boat.
  10. keep in mind we have a 3 rating system in SoCal. The delta between the bouy rating and the offwind rating is greater depending on the downwind potential of the boat. The J/111 was given a provisional temporary random leg rating for this race only since it doesn't have an approved rating yet. If the boat ends up rating 30 Random Leg then it most likely would have a rating in the 36-39ish region for bouy. I believe this was also the owners first race.
  11. Tom,

    My name is Eric Schlageter and I own the FT10 "Ruckus" and put the 1D35 Misfit together. Pretty sure we've met.

  12. EWS do I know you? I see you you have FT10 #49. But, I don't know the Flying Tigers by number.

  13. What is happening in a few days? Is this the 1D35 Turbo EWS is eluding to? The story is featured on the SA home page this AM. Cool project... https://picasaweb.go...kgE&feat=email# But didn't the J111 KONTIKI 5 beat the 1D35 REVOLUTION in Key West (albeit the 111 had a 42 vs the 1D's 36 PHRF)this year? Rag Bag's 111 is rating 36 here in SF...not sure what a 1D35's PHRF is here... According to norcal phrf 36 with sym 42 with assy There were two 1D35s in last weekend Corintian Midwinters, one rated 36 (standard) and one rated 21. Neither one hung with the 111 o
  14. the boat has been rated at 33/27/18 in Socal without the square top main & 30/24/12 with the square top. Didn't mean to derail the J/111 thread so please continue on
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