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  1. Shit that sucks........lost a good friend a few years back doing the same thing. You can never be too careful when going up the rig especially on a boat that you are not familiar with. Hope the guy makes it through it.
  2. If that's the case........... New team to the FT10.........I absolutely have no idea but I'm going to take a stab in the dark and say the outboard door? Haven't damaged mine but those operating it have to know what they are doing and be careful when operating it. Also the boat should be parked before using it........
  3. So you guys bringing the J100 or the Tiger for LBRW?
  4. Does chase away the larger / quicker boats. No sure this year on how things pan out if we will take the Tiger or not. Always seems to be a good SB Bowl show going on the same weekend.....decisions decisions.
  5. They have a great team and should be up there in the standings however there is some pretty good talent at the upper end of the fleet. It's a pretty physical boat that enjoys being pushed hard. We'll wait and see but I don't see it being a cake walk.........that's what one-design is all about. Getting your ass handed to you by someone else and improving your game.......... the bar is always moving.........
  6. Excellent.....I never pass on a free drink. You guys going to have the boat ready for LBRW? You guys probably have it handled but if you have any questions on the boat feel free to drop me a line anytime.
  7. Heard the rumor over the weekend also.....great to add another Tiger to the Area A fleet.....Good for them for stepping up to the plate into a growing OD fleet with lots of talent......should have close to 20 boats on the line at our PCC's at LBRW. I'm also showing my boat to another potential SB owner here in the near future who is interested in purchasing. Pretty soon we may get a local OD class going which should be a lot of fun.
  8. Since she likes the small boats lets see what she can do with a Flying Tiger.....why go for the pickle dish PHRF trophy when she could jump into something similar in size with 20 boats on the line in SoCal.......no? why not? bring it.........OD wins my respect. Congrats on the win either way.
  9. Saw the yellow bus on the hard over the weekend. Anyone know what type of bottom paint they are using. Looked great.........
  10. If anyone is looking for a J29 MHOB in the Ventura County area I can put you in touch with one of the fastest that is potentially up for sale........
  11. I somehow missed it also if it happened recently and I'm on it..........
  12. I had been wondering the same thing. I know there was an early hull # boat out of Channel Islands close to when the 24's first came to the market. My guess is at the early stage they did not have a lot of the tuning and development that the boats have available now and most likely was not sailed to it's potential. Being the only boat in the area they probably got some rating credit and luckily enough the area A M24's still carry that credit. Then again you can always submit for a rating review..........
  13. Ryan's not looking too shabby in "Where's Bob" either........good luck guys
  14. Ditto that.....although when I opened mine my bar was set extremely low......i was stoked to see the sauvignon blanc chuck...hey it's thinking outside of the box, the bag was pretty nice though......nice touch
  15. Anytime.....just give me a heads up and we'll get you out there
  16. A definite thanks to Scott but even more importantly I gotta thank K-Lo for coming up to sail with us. It was a pleasure sailing with him and also forget to mention that the sails rocked....good crew, great venue, great weather, great weekend. A big thanks to everyone.
  17. anyone catch the link to the photo's? There was some great competition this year. It was great sailing with everyone. Congrat's to the Farr and Ryan on the Melges. It was a great event to pop the cherry on the Tiger
  18. something longer and more tactical than a two tack beat would be nice for tomorrow for sure..........would be nice for the RC to put there sandwiches down next time to record the finishes instead of throwing the race
  19. Ya the weekend is looking brutal.....time will tell
  20. Looking forward to it....see you next weekend
  21. Anyone know if it's a typo. Unless it's a boat from out of the area isn't it going to be the Capo 30 and not 26?
  22. Great wind down in Ventucky currently
  23. Max, So I take it the FT10 sails are in the pic? Carbon Fiberpath? I'll be curious to see what they decided on. Thanks.
  24. hehe, Delta Ditch Run on Average White Boat June 2nd with "crew"
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