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  1. Love the smits guys. Hey, where are the closest biggest tugs?
  2. Testing my refurbished Samsung pad I rooted and loaded omni ROM on.
  3. great, socal secret squirrel shit thats 4 s's for those who can count how many have slept hard for 2 bucks on the south slope of the bay near la buffadora in ensenada and listened to fishing boats all night and wondered if you might get jumped if you went to sleep? there I named place
  4. aeropress, its just kind of a pain to clean I just do the good instant to get out of camp and cycle/motorcycle to nearest independent bakery for a mid morning leisurely repast
  5. Lots of bicycle touring. Last one from Crescent City to Santa Rosa down 1 last July in 7 days. About killed me. The Jetboil makes enough water to make coffee and oatmeal faster than you can say it but its worthless for anything other than boiling water which it does better than anything ever made by man so it has its place and its also small and super light so as second stove its almost invisible in your kit but there when needed. No one ever said their tent was too big! With one person in a good all weather 2p tent you can get all your non- lockable luggage in it and have plenty of room to dr
  6. Wife and I get the Pfizer 1st dose Sunday at 1400 PDT.
  7. Forget the alcohol stove. Jet boil and then an msr pocket rocket and a pot kit so you can make larger meals if desired. Two stoves is better. Starbucks instant coffee and protein oatmeal in the morning with vienna sausages! Coffee Mate (white shit) and instant cocoa (black shit). Pre cooked sausages, fresh brocalli and pasta sauce is your friend at dinner and lunch should be taco trucks, burger joints etc. PM me if you want a riding partner for a day or two or need a field to pitch your tent and have a shower in Monterey Bay area. Get a bigger tent, its not a bicycle. Skip the top box and get
  8. Not true. The pinnacle of his life is every time he inspires a young person to find parts of his or herself they did not know they had. Helping young people build confidence in themselves is more meaningful than anything he could have achieved otherwise as an individual athlete. That goes for every single athlete no matter how high they climb.
  9. this is what I do but I also add fresh mint to the marinade you need to cook it enough, I have found if its too rare its tougher than if its medium rare I go the raita, homemade pita bread, fresh tomatos and cucumber, tahini, and chile paste route and then serve with tabouleh salad
  10. jesus, what the fuck happened in here? my sons havent worn jeans in years, they found out 100% cotton khakis are far cooler and more comfortable plus you can get them used for 10 USD at the Goodwill store they also wear button down shirts when going "out" say for dinner at our bubble family's house or if we host, also restaurants and shows its the only thing I ever firmly demanded in terms attire. slacks and a button down shirt when on the town, they like it now as all they ever get are compliments!
  11. There are currently only 5 operating offshore WTG's in the US. These are off Block Island.
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