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  1. I tried that once. My head hurt for a week.
  2. I like back stories and wild conjecture where naked women are concerned.
  3. Talked with a CHP moto at length about this bike. He's a long time moto and he's ridden everything from the Kawi 1000's, HD's (which he says are just garbage) and then all the BMW's especially the 1100/1150RT's, the next gen 1200's and then this newer wethead 1250. Says this bike is by far the best one yet. He especially likes the ESA where he can run the suspension soft on bumpy roads and then harden it up for higher speeds. BMW RT's are a very good value right now. Nice bike! Like the color.
  4. https://santabarbara.craigslist.org/art/d/carpinteria-original-1980-oil-nude/7399658510.html so, this has been in the garage of my wife's family home for decades it was given to her father who was a local GP and has been dead now for 5 years or so he was literally paid with tamales and all kinds of stuff as he helped everyone, but he philandered after his wife had massive depression and hormonal issues and his daughter and daughter in law hold a lot of anger towards him, they cannot stand to think about this art work remaining extant this ad is my solution, I could still lo
  5. You are ignoring the science. You are ignoring statistics. You are propagating systematic ignorance and killing people. You should hate your own ignorance.
  6. I will give 1000 USD to the first person who gets their dog a full ride as a sailor.
  7. You sir are an idiot. Faced with scientific data you choose mythology instead. Why?
  8. I think that's where trumps new social platform was stored. God took offense to the misuse of the word.
  9. quite a few folks at the track for FP1 today it looked like, nice weather
  10. yeah, bet he wished the person who gave it him hadn't done that he would likely still be alive if every had gotten vaccinated 6 months ago
  11. Yep thats true freedom. Along with laying in bed in the morning and not having to do anything for anyone or do any specific things unless you want to. All day, or even maybe the next day I was a moto marshall for an 85 mile bicycle event in the sierras last weekend which had two pretty gruesome gravel sections and 9700 feet of climbing. I did single track dirt and totally wrecked tarmac on my 08 BMW 1200RT sport touring bike with street tires on it. I was better at riding the hard terrain than the guys on their adventure bikes. Truly did not care what people thought and rarely do. Its n
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