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  1. Cockpit is much like Irrational the Peterson one ton plus I raced on in the 80's. Really only room for two trimmers and a main trimmer. I don't see hydraulics though. Brings back memories. Huge amount of line to manage with the large overlapping #1's also in the small space. I got really really good at flaking line. The winches were also bigger on Irrational. Irrational is in Hawaii I believe.
  2. if its not exciting but calm and smooth then you did it right, whatever it was driver and main trimmer are key elements, good main position with optimal apparent wind angle can help the foredeck immensely in both sym and asym worlds when the going gets frisky
  3. a dirge I can't sing the song all the way through without breaking up when I play it on guitar and sing it. Gave up.
  4. I have read this numerous times and still can't figure out if there is any usable data regarding duct cleaning.
  5. I heard it rained. So some slim amounts of data are sneaking out.
  6. That was a race! Hamilton was relentless on max's ass for 20 laps. Max generally kept his cool and drove the car but lewis kept coming at him and eventually max had to screw up his line so much to keep lewis behind in turn 1 that he became a sitting duck in the next drs zone. Lewis was like a terminator. So refreshing to see racing on the track like that.
  7. That was a fun 24 laps. Mostly pure racing. Put any other 20 drivers in those cars and the three turns after the start would be carnage.
  8. Ahhh, makes sense, that. With the other gifts of god the woman sports beyond the image above, the horsey face some folks talk about, not me of course, is superfluous twaddle.
  9. His messages and science are good but the books are very repetitive as far as the central theses are concerned. Lots of skimming to get through them. Collapse has some good news on the "potential" of recovery but mainly around china's top down management of its economy and industry. Lots of words to get there. 1492 and 1493 are much the same but with equally or even better facts about how we got to the number of walking water bags we are now.
  10. I looked again, its a movie set or TV set. Diver is a safety guy. Perhaps the fall in was in the script. If so they get points for wet dress ass casting.
  11. Legends of the fall and julip I read. Reminds me of cormac McCarthy. Two excellent american writers.
  12. You snuck a five syllable word in there though I always felt the definition was bad on that one. Comorbidity should be when two people kill each other at the same time.
  13. Handy that the rubber dude is there but, damn, right place right time. I mean I must have seen 100s of wet t shirt photos over the years, OK so maybe a 1000 or 5, but that beats them all. Seriously though rubber guy is probably security hanging out under the dock. Probably has a sub machine gun in a bag, a radio, and a few grenades. How he kept his hand off her derriere at the moment of water feature egress is a testament to his professionalism.
  14. glad you survived you maniac, you probably didnt think you were a maniac at the time though so I will give you that
  15. been a long dry season for them for sure, not as long as McLaren!
  16. the fucking take down was epic, still surfing like crazy with just the full main and burying the nose into the back of some swells (amazing how the chute can lift the bow up), I finally overrode the the guy who thought he was the crew boss and we opened the forward hatch to get the chute below with two guys just puling the thing in, he was convinced 20-30 gallons of water was going to sink the boat, complete tool that guy was, anyway we got the thing down and the 3 up with the reef and then my buddy and I double handed while the rest went down to sleep, owners girlfriend would not let us cross
  17. on the night in question we were overtaking smaller swells but the highest speeds were when we were on the face of larger swells, we set the record for round ups that night, it got totally out of hand and was pitch dark and we finally got to where we were either flying with bow waves back to the helm or on our side trying to coax the thing back up to go again, after hours of this with all hands at battle stations it became unsafe with the fatigue levels and conditions we finally dropped the chute and with the #3 and one reef we were consistently still doing long surfs at 13-15 knots until
  18. 17 knots plus on an X119, the transducer would be out of the water on the waves over 17, no one had a gps track capturing and even then in those days the sample rate to was too infrequent to get an accurate speed its possible I went faster once on a Hobie 18 in an around Treasure Island race, sure seemed pretty fast.
  19. The Arthur Anderson went through a multi year refit and went back into service in 2019. She will be 70 years old this coming February. Wonder what they thought the useful life would be when it was funded and built.
  20. Some people go towards hard stuff when others need assistance. Its why we are all here to dabble about this and that.
  21. going to be interesting these last few races I wonder if MB is working on next years car more than RB is.
  22. I use a combo router with two radios, one is a wireless bridge to the wireless router attached to the internet connection in the house (line of sight about 120 feet), the 2nd radio is a range extender for the main network. This router also has ethernet so in my office where it is I am connected with ethernet cable to my docking station. We also run ethernet cable from this unit in my office out to another outbuilding with has its own wireless access point in it and the boys use ethernet from that to do their online gaming. The wireless router in my house is one with 5 radios in it so the wirel
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