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  1. I did this on my columbia, I used a piece of g-10 tubing with an ID big enough for the dyneema, and an OD big enough to distribute the load. side to side. It's glued in nicely and has never given me any trouble.
  2. I have one of these Promariner FS60. seems like small money for what it does. https://www.defender.com/product.jsp?id=1353701 Now Isolation Transformers - that's where you can start to spend real money, especially if (like me) you have two 30amp circuits coming in. Promariner doesn't even make those anymore.
  3. that's an old video. as long as you have the latest firmware, you can definitely upload the route via sd card.
  4. I don't think so. something about the Go's method of accessing the internet isn't compatible with the Zeus implementation of the PW stuff.
  5. if you have a predictwind subscription, the go free connected to your phone as a hotspot lets you download gribs and routing.
  6. let me know when you're passing Boston and I'll come out and throw you a beer. Stay in Boston on a Wednesday and you've got a beercan ride.
  7. It would help if they had even one interior layout picture. The Shogun 50's got some nice Velour.
  8. It's a Shogun 43. What makes it so different?
  9. so we're done talking about mold 11 for a few weeks? sorry, "mould."
  10. for the intended purpose, I think Sloop has it right. I think you'd have a hard time being consistent if all you're doing is scuffing for new paint - too many chances to gouge or miss a spot. the sander with a vac will be a lot better, will conform to the bottom, and will definitely be easier to clean up.
  11. run it backwards. no chatter, easily controllable, takes only marginally longer, and if the holes aren't perfectly round who cares? hey'll be under the track anyway. the important part is giving enough surface area for the butyl tape.
  12. Let's tackle hulls first. Yes, it's true that ez does a 'build a boat' based on photos, literature, and any other sources of data they can when there isn't a hull file. But they don't do this in a vacuum, and the results of the vpp are checked against existing ratings to make sure that the results seem reasonable. It's still better than PHRF and less expensive than having your hull measured (especially given the lack of official measurers in the US). But the generated hull files are hardly "fake numbers." Secondly, sails are measured whenever possible, and when they aren't they are assume
  13. Lioness, Boat Type SA/D U SA/D D Columbia 30-2 25.2 56.8 J/35 27.3 49.1 Quest 33 22.0 47.2 Arcona 430 24.9 41.2 Class 40 34.7 67.5 Guess which boat won that light air, overnight, 50 mile race? spoiler, it wasn't the class 40. Also, did you miss the post where I said that ORA is right now rating a sprint 850 to race against monohulls? What about cat ketches? t
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