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  1. for some size boats, to get a loan the boat must be documented, because it makes it easier for the bank to seize the property if the loan is defaulted. Not to mention the excitement that at any time, you could be pressed into the service of the US Navy! Also the new documentation will be good for 5 years, not 1.
  2. I love one design
  3. Good luck Ed - looks like around $265k all up and delivered.
  4. I suspect there is room to do a below-deck ap attached to the cassette - not too different from a Quest 30/33, I don't believe. But not ideal. I like your idea of transom mounted kickups. Interesting that with the lifting keel and a trailer, technically this boat would not qualify for the Bermuda 1-2. But honestly for $113k, if they work out some of the bugs, that's not too bad. Could you finish outfitting it for less than another $100k? That would put it in the same price range as a J/99.
  5. make sure you have enough volume in the bow to handle that cat rig off the wind without becoming a submarine. That was one of the big problems with the cat ketch version of the Freedom 36/38
  6. really not enough information. If you have two batteries in a boat your size, typically one is dedicated to starting the motor and the other to your "house" loads. So before you remove a battery, you need to trace the leads to see what it's actually powering. The last boat I was on with a 2 position switch, there was this idea of starting the engine on battery 2, switching to "both" to charge, and then when the engine went off to switch to battery 1. Terrible battery management (since inevitably you forget to switch to 1 and run both batteries down), but if that's the way your boat is wired -
  7. works fine with awlwood, but that's not really a varnish.
  8. TBH I don't think the RRS ever prohibited that, but in some regions PHRF did and the ORR and EZ rules did until last year. Since rating rules are "class" rules, that's where the prohibition came in. In a strange twist, in the PHRF-NE jib and main fleet, leeward poles have been in use for years, not because PHRF-NE language allows it but it was written so ambiguously that it didn't disallow it either. A couple years ago, there was a protest between two boats in an EZ fleet because one of the skippers used a pole to leeward, not thinking about it being different from PHRF-NE. AIUI, O
  9. are you sure about that? (I'm not saying you aren't) The Equipment Rules of Sailing do not have the word "connected" in them anywhere. "Attached" appears 35 times, but why would "attaching" the clew of a headsail be any different than "attaching" the clew of a spinnaker to a spin pole? It's infuriating when these documents don't link the way they are written.
  10. @Alan H I've got no advice to help here, but no matter how long, complicated, or frustrating your story is I am sure we will ALL find it fascinating.
  11. According to the 2020 ORR-ez IR# (similar to the GPH), the CW Hood 32 is faster than an Alerion Express 28, J 28, Santana 23, and Tartan 33. It is essentially the same speed as an S2 7.9, Tartan 34, and Evelyn 26 (but prettier than all of them combined)
  12. I found a video of a guy using home-made cork spray to insulate his van. It looked like crap when he was done, although it does what it was designed for, and after spraying he put in hemp batting and paneling to complete the look. you won't like the look of bare sprayed cork I don't think. I should add that you can get cork paneling too that will mold to strange shaped surfaces, but it is very fragile until it is glued in place and you'll still need to paint over it or end up looking like a 70's shagwagon, which the admiral may not approve of.
  13. Definitely a drool-worthy boat. They usually have one at the NE Boat show, and when you get up close and see the level of craftsmanship, it's really astounding.
  14. Didn't the Route 66 have some sort of forced air system to try to break it out on plane? Not sure if it worked. http://www.yachtroute66.com/
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