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  1. What's happened to this place? People start talking about "Techy things" and forget about tits etc.? Anyways, the problem you are going to run into is although the GPS updates every few seconds, the AP/OS still has to contend with absolutely nasty wind turbulence around your boat when it's underway and may not be able to compensate quickly enough. I've crashed enough of them through testing this to know. I recommend a nice big powerboat with a huge foredeck to launch and recover. With anything that flies it's all about apparent wind, reduce it as much as possible for recovery, and mini
  2. A few of us from Novie will be coming up for the first weekend. Looking forward to seeing if Keith's Beer tastes any different in Ontario!
  3. Not one Anarchist went to Youngstown?????
  4. Ok, I'll bite... Where is the LO 300 thread? Just a painful race.... I broke 2 flyswatters!
  5. Old York looms in your future....:ph34r:
  6. has not set their status

  7. 275 pages on this thread? Honestly!
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