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  1. I’m no expert , but it looks to me that the loss of containers is an accepted cost by not just the shipping companies but by the final recipient, for some reason we are just now starting to acknowledge and get upset with using the oceans as a dumping ground , particularly since the plastic is coming back to haunt us , and yet we continue to dump containers into the oceans and consider it somewhat ok since it’s an accident . Seems to me that if you were to put the containers into a ship you would have less of a ‘chance’ of losing them , bungee cording them 8 to 9 containers high above deck is a
  2. After quickly going through most of the posts I would have to agree with European bloke and zonker and several others that basically say DUMP THE MAIN , sailing and particularly racing is mostly about efficiency and if the boat wants to lay down it means you’ve gone past the Boats efficient ability to go in that direction,a bigger rudder might hold longer but you’d probably be no faster, I would suggest that you try to get yourself to be more efficient at your ability to use the maximum that your boat can give you, I would suggest that you could get perhaps a Santana 20 for much cheaper than a
  3. More pics please the angle that the photo was taken shows the completed hull quite well but it's not the most flattering view a level view at the hull and a front and rear quarter views please and I'm sure if you were to put the missing weight from the carbon hull into the keel it would be an incredibly powerful sailing machine and probably even easier to sail than the stock bombs and believe me I love the Antrim 27s and can you imagine the dock bragging rights you'd have can't wait to see her in the water
  4. #13, no just painted the stainless stantions and I can see why you'd go to a vertical rear pulpit but we here on the lake probably on a rule get less breeze than the bay mostly between 10- 15 knots and as much as the Dog loves a breeze we really sail light air the majority of the time . Varan, won't be doing Whidbey (sad) but there's a good chance of doing the new race next year in Point Roberts
  5. Hull number 4 happily lake sailing in the okanogan ,if you like sailing get the Antrim if you you want to save money I'm sure there's probably a mcgregger closer to your neck of the woods
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