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  1. Is this thing on the move? Just noticed the following entry in this year's BYC Mack Race and it has some similar attributes.
  2. Find a day with as close to no wind as possible. Motor at a slow-to-moderate pace and align the offset so the AWA reads 0.
  3. I'm not saying the Mac races are equivalent in any way but they are still way cheaper than a N2B, Transpac, Fastnet or Hobart race!
  4. That is still a fraction of what a new sail or most other annual expenses run. I'm sure people complained when GPS or, before that, electronic compasses came out as being too expensive and limiting participation. Owning a boat is expensive. Owning a safe and fast boat is even more expensive. Now I can kind of understand the sentiment on PLBs as those feel more like a personal choice than requiring boats to have AIS receivers. My bigger concern with PLBs is how many people are actually going to install/program and maintain them properly. Once programed and armed, the batteries only last ~5
  5. True, but neither would flares, EPIRBs, an alternative steering mechanism, or an onboard medical reference manual and we don't complain about carrying those or quit participating because they are required...
  6. These guys have a pretty good reputation for finishing racing boat bottoms and have some recommendations. From Waterline Systems' website "For boats sailed in fresh water, we like VC-17. We think it has the most effective antifouling properties, but the thinness of the coating makes it a single-season paint." It's what we've used for the past ~20 years in Detroit/Lake Huron/Lake Michigan and we've never had issues with it as long as you have it wiped every ~2 weeks or so. At the speeds most displacement boats sail, getting a finish greater than 600 grit sand paper is largely a waste (see
  7. Any plans for an Apple Watch app?
  8. Thanks, I reached out to Harken and it sounds like the anodizing shop they used to finish them after they resurface them has closed up shop. They are hoping to find a new supplier but they are not taking any new drum refurbishment orders for the time being.
  9. I have a set of Harken halyard/spin sheet winches on the cabin top that really don't grip lines very well any more. The drums themselves are almost shiny and any grip they once had is mostly gone. Has anyone attempted to "re-grip" their winch drums and if so I'd be curious to know what you did and how you did it. Thanks in advance for any insights
  10. I would also guess that many of the "amateurs" from the competitive boats in the IOR days would be considered pros in this day and age
  11. I'll submit to you an excerpt recently written up by a current Pac52 owner and you can tell me whether you see an amateur crew stacking up in this fleet. We decide to add one more mast shim to increase rig tension. We need to tweak the shape of the mainsail, so we move the mast butt 2 mm and start sailing again. Now we need to shorten the headstay length a bit, which means we need to lengthen the jib head strop so we can still get the halyard on the jib lock. When everyone is happy, we hook up with [another TP52] to check our performance. The boat is sailing upwind at 9.6 kts. Too fast. W
  12. I think there is a major distinction still between a 70 sled and newer/faster boats like TP52s that often gets overlooked. You can still conceivably race a 70 competitively with a group of friends/amatures. For a large, high performance and more modern design like a TP52, sure you can pick them up for the same cost as a 70 (maybe even a little less) but to be competitive you are now employing most (if not all) of the crew. As an owner, It really comes down to how you want to spend your money and who you want to sail with on your boat.
  13. Between the headsail size, mast bend, and mainsail camber differences shown between AM and ETNZ in race 4, it was pretty clear that the teams are still trying out a number of different setups. it was also clear that helming AM was a challenge but they say these things are the fastest when they are slightly out of control.
  14. True but I wouldn't call starboard foil arm control failure "sandbagging". I also don't think Prada likes getting smacked around the track by ETNZ.
  15. For anyone that hasn't watched the Day 1 coverage yet and doesn't have the time to watch all 2 hours, just skip to race 4. Aside from a prestart maneuver from Prada in Race 3, the only real match racing is in Race 4 and it was an exciting one to watch.
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