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  1. I've had virtually no luck with the sticky pads, even 3M ones. I buy the cheap ones, scrape off the sticky, sand with 80 grit and use West 5 minute epoxy. You have to hold in place for a while but it works. Removal isn't as easy so choose locations wisely.
  2. Being impervious to to holding tank odor is a huge plus. I don't use it below the waterline and prefer schedule 80 when available. Protect it from potential impact damage, use it where it is appropriate, and install properly and it will last the life of the boat easy. There have been threads on this in the past.... they tend to look like anchoring threads after a while.
  3. Picked up a 4 person Jacuzzi for a really good price... It had a large crack in J shape about 6"x8" that was reportedly cause by ice in it when they tried to move it. Otherwise everything is serviceable so I figured I'd give it a try and if it fails I'm out the time and they got a free dump haul from me. So.. noting glass reinforcement visible to the wound I just dove in boat style without doing any research. I quickly learned that these are not fiberglass at all but acrylic plastic with a little reinforcement and some sort of brittle white layer up against the spray foam insulation.
  4. I noticed that after my first post but thought I'd see if the group caught that or not. Looks like they are networked via CAN-bus with the charger, to each other and to the motors. Probably best to avoid any connection at all to a 12 volt bank through any of the options discussed above. Also note that any charging with a 3rd party charger will likely void their 2 year battery warranty... Looks like keeping the house and propulsion systems completely isolated is your only real option without significant engineering and some risk acceptance, certainly technically is possible but probably no
  5. If solar charging your 48 bank is what you want to do then charge them directly with a suitable solar charger. There are many on the market that will do 48 volts. String your panels in series. Looking at something like the C Series PWM charge controller from Schneider you could have up to 125 volts DC input.. basically 5 times what people would consider "12 volt" panels wired in series. Getting a DC to DC converter going down will be a better option that going up.. somewhere 90% efficiency range.. Inverting to 120 VAC and then charging at 48 VDC sounds like the definition of inefficient,
  6. Jetsailer 45: https://anchorage.craigslist.org/boa/d/seward-sailboat-jetsailer-45/7341624805.html I can't find any info on this boat except for a an old brochure they want $35 for : https://boatbrochure.com/products/jetsailer-45-brochure. sailboat data has nothing listed for "jetsailer" and it is not an option under 'Westwind Yachts" From the brochure scan I can make out that it has 2 98hp Mitsubishi diesels. 900amp hours of batteries onboard... My real question is.. did this thing work as intended? I can't image 200 ish hp on jet drives pushing a 45 foot rather conventi
  7. I have been inspected by LEO and USCG more in dinghies/skiffs than in the mother-ships and at least once they looked at the HP rating...
  8. Still a no-no to leave a winch handle in or did we get over that yet?
  9. The "49 Very Custom World Cruiser" would work well in Alaska and inside passage from what I can tell. Its going to be a tough sell on today's market but I could see someone really reaching for their dreams on that one. Unconventional boats keep things interesting at least... if that thing pulls into a harbor you can guarantee conversations will start.
  10. I was told my rates were increasing because there was an increase in claims in my "area." They also explained that older sailboats are difficult to insure because condition can vary substantially, equipment, etc etc. Basically it is a pain for them to do business with me was what I gathered or at least the feeling I was left with. Makes sense in a way since the costs of simply negotiating a claim would easily exceed the yearly premium, not considering any payout you are likely to get. My insurance is 20% of my yearly ownership not counting maintenance.... Required by the harbor although
  11. Unless viscosity was greatly different ATF could be seen as an upgrade. I'd stick with OEM recommended fluids of course, don't do chemistry experiments in your gearbox. ATF in the olden days started out as 30 wt oil, then they added dye, then progressively more advanced additives packages but many manual transmissions, gearboxes and transfer cases run on one type of ATF or another just fine, hard to see it causing problems. Overfilling on the other hand not great.
  12. Mild powdered dish detergent, rinse that with borax water mix, followed by fresh. Do that before sanding! Amines don't stand a chance.
  13. If you have a vhf handheld you can take the antenna off and 'sniff' around for interference, although at that close of range you might need to shield it with foil or something. Otherwise process of elimination, unplug an instrument 1 at a time. Wiring: check that the coax for the radio isn't bundled with the DC wiring or anything else, they should be a few inches apart and cross at 90 degree angles. Connections, grounds.. Sounds like a strong signal.. something has cooked off somewhere.
  14. Transformers are indeed heavy.. I was moving a marine isolation transformer around the shop just yesterday. I remember reading some Nigel Calder ideas about skipping that and using a large AC inverter with a good charger. If you don't need AC for running space heaters all the time that system works. I use my boat that way sometimes (auto transfer built in). Some slight technical (code) issues regarding grounding if you do it that way, but having one dedicated AC load (the charger) that is dual insulated from ground, and only its output connected from your boat wiring will certainly achieve
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