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  1. I'm with you Max. At this moment without playing with a Viking or M2 I personally feel Excel is the best anchor. Steve drilled holes in the MS and it performed. Go thru his vids. Is it 1/4" holes or 3/4" holes and where are they located. They work. I'm no expert but- Its all about soil recolonization or other words. Sorta like foils, leading edges of a fluke are sharp and bite then trailing shapes bring things back together again, or not. It's the not part we don't want. Thanks for all the effort S.
  2. Great stuff max. Steve told us to drill the entire manson supreme's fluke with 1/4" holes like pegboard. What a waste of $ on the excel.
  3. oops MS- charles manson darwin and the supremes. That's what I call it.
  4. Max, your snout looks my FP Fidgi that presently sports a 20kg MP. Did you have a problem with it?
  5. Thanks for reminding me to order this; https://www.costway.ca/jumper-climbing-inflatable-moonwalk-water-slide-bounce-house.html?fee=45&fep=8111&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIwLXIj9eB8QIVHR-tBh0OLAuvEAQYAyABEgJx8PD_BwE
  6. Victoria BC with liveaboard fees. GVHA (water, power, once a week pump out); 40' $650 mo. = $195 ft/yr (oct-apr. winter,) 40' $800 mo. = $240 ft/yr (may-sept. summer) Parking my 50knt shit box car up the dock; 15' $285 mo. = $228 ft/yr
  7. Excellent, can't wait to find out what those actual breakout numbers are. Good ones I'd gamble at 1.5t Watch the winch with digital thermometer. Jamming wraps under load may be an issue so you may want to set those first few wraps tight and carefully. The on top loaded will dive in between the loose ones. Please play safe. How about everything running fwd in a pipe...
  8. S, What's the WLL of that winch?
  9. Well done Steve! A+ for effort.
  10. Nick Nolte dreaming for another rather large ask price drop is a giggle.
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