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  1. How many leaders mocked people with masks? The list goes on. His actions were nowhere near those of a leader with a goal of public safety.
  2. "Don't like to follow the rules? We have career in law enforcement for you!"
  3. You don't really need the PORT to be in Canada. Just have the ships offload in Texas, and create a dedicated highway through the U.S. TO Canada.
  4. This guy explains a bit about the use of guns. Points out that we've all seen an actor point a gun towards a camera, and we do/expect to see bullets in the cylnder. In that case the bullets DO have what appear to be projectiles. Those have lead BB's in the place of powder. Then at some point those have to be taken out and blanks put in for the actual firing. Anyways, interesting view from somebody that knows more than I.
  5. I bet tfg is pissed that the guy that PLAYS him on T.V. shot somebody and is going to get away with it.
  6. Seriously, how the fuck does a gun get real bullets on a set?
  7. Matties grilling of Garland today was done for a reason. Why is he allowed to be on that comission?
  8. Women who use their body/sexuality to get ahead = Bad Men that reward a woman using their body/sexuality = good Is that correct?
  9. The pride of the GOP. Every single R and D politician should be asked if they stand behind the statement by our previous president regarding Powell. And if they think it's a fitting comment. And if comments like this change their opinion of tfg. This bullshit is so normalized that it's not shocking any more. And there's no accountability. Sad.
  10. The pride of the GOP right there. The driving force behind what they admire, and strive to be.
  11. Always classy. He says what his people want to hear.
  12. This is the only part I have a problem with. And I doubt we're getting the full story here. I would like to think that they were told exactly, specifically what was required in order to stay open for business. And given the chance to correct, BEFORE being shut down. Time, and better reporting, will tell.
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