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    Mixing small batches of gelcoat

    AliExpress has a good selection of syringes for this type of work Platic Syringes @ AliExpress
  2. devadip

    J24 Questions

    Another idea if you do not have the step box is to construct a big teak board to mount in beteen the bunks where the box is. This will be bolted to the bunks to have a nice solid standing surface for the companionway person to stand on when dousing the spinaker. This should be done at max weight (20lbs?) and this will be part of your basic yacht dry weight. Steve Lopez used to make them. Ours is mounted a little father forward (2") and we have the cooler behind it. For a lifting strap I see boats going away from using a strap with shackle and using a narrower double length strap looped aroung the bar. Easy to do if you have the room underneath the bar to get the strap thru. We will change to this since you do not have to worry as much about the oreintation of the shackle on the bar when the lifting starts. I was worried that the shackle was going to get caught at an awkward angle when lifting.
  3. devadip

    barberhauler exits

    Do you know anyone who stock this in the US?
  4. devadip

    what is it?

    More pics please.