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  1. This one sold just 1 month ago in Norway. I was tempted and it had an attratvie pricepoint, but could neither get wide enough docking nor did it fit our YCs dry sailing facilities. https://www.finn.no/boat/forsale/ad.html?finnkode=99446488
  2. RTFM https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darwin_Awards already having bred is not a disqualifier in regards to your first point: yes they are still alive /fertile. But not all of them will necessarily be in a month or two finally: my first post in the thread was meant to be humorous, don’t be a crybaby- laugh a little
  3. Darwin awards cancelled for 2020, walk-over win to the people who showed up at the White House today for Drumpf’s balcony speech
  4. surprised no one has shared this from Blur yet. I continue to be amazed how many stupid people there are on the water... check the ones at 0:56... insane. Link to video
  5. Live stream of salvage here: https://www.vgtv.no/video/167694?jwsource=cl (not much happening today it seems)
  6. #1Yes the tanker had a pilot on board. The pilots report was leaked on Monday. They saw the green latern of the approaching ship and tried to make VHF contact. While trying to make contact on VHF, the pilot even tried signalling the Helge Ingstad with an Aldis lamp. After the signalling with the Aldis they suddenly see both lanterns from the approaching vessel. The pilot then put the TS Sola first 10d to Starboard and made another VHF hail for Helge Ingstad to go starboard, the Helge Ingstad finally replies that they cannot go Starboard and the pilot then puts the Tanker in full reverse.
  7. Someone did a more througough job than me on the radio translation Andreas
  8. But the frigate got its number wrong. Reported 134, but they were 137. ”done is better than perfect” approach of Mark Zucherberg fame is not always the solution. Sometimes you should spend some extra seconds and get it right:-)
  9. A norwegian newspaper got the sound log from the local marine traffic control station , Fede VTS ( there are lots of refineries and traffic in the area and reporting to Fede VTS is mandatory minimum 1 hour before you enter their controlled area). I guess someone thought: fuck I’m not losing my job over this after some one back and forth the tanker (Sola TS ) and Fedje VTS conclude that the 17knot radarshadow coming straight for the tanker might be KNM Helge Ingstad (who have reported that they are in the area but have lights off and no AIS transponder on). They call them and HI r
  10. Teaser: http://jboats.com/129-j099/488-j-99 looks like an exciting boat to double hand
  11. Shannon Falcone posted on instagram a suitcase with lots of cameras + a DJI Magic and a DJI spark. Pretty sure there will be some footage even aireal (if they slow down, I have a Spark, wouldn’t try to chase something at 24 knots with it...you’ll probably drop it in the wet trying to land. edit: Falcons is on C if that was not obvious from my post
  12. Boat n-2, when i was still dry after many sails Picture taken from the start of a double-handed overnight race. Always nice to DH without an autopilot (whenever the budget allowed an autopilot, we always ended up buying new sails instead:) Current boat. I am never dry The worlds most Northerly foiler at 63°N?
  13. http://www.finn.no/finn/boat/used/object?finnkode=61778294&searchclickthrough=true WTF
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