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  1. I don't think it's a 101. Bottom of Aphrodite transom isn't as flat, keel chord seems too short and lifelines/stern pulpit are too high. Perhaps the big sister Bianca 414?
  2. 75 boats already registered in 3 days. Two days of short-handed racing roughly 35 miles each day. Seattle - Port Townsend. Port Townsend - Seattle. Pursuit start. First boat to finish wins each day. Limit of 125 boats due to moorage constraints in PT. More info at STYC.org
  3. 55 x 18 x 4, 70 tons, Jay Benford design, built 1991, we purchased in 2014 in Channel Islands Harbor, 4th owner. 3rd owner brought it from Florida via Dockwise to Ensenada. Literally like a house inside.
  4. And I have one of the middle sisters. It's a much better sea boat than I thought. Went Ventura to Seattle non stop in August.
  5. Have one in PNW, ready to go, not for sale, but can try to work out rental. Did trip from Dago north in January, new tires, bearings, brake check etc.
  6. Lord, I'll throw in a tenner if I get aboard for a sail, John can keep the toaster.
  7. Lord, I'll throw in a tenner if I get aboard for a sail, John can keep the toaster.
  8. Not much to mock here but I can't believe there are many buyers looking on craigslist for it. I will gladly go on a test sail. http://seattle.craigslist.org/sno/bod/4198445147.html
  9. I hadn't heard of it either but went a little further than google, from dictionary.com noun, Nautical . a carved ornamental scroll or volute terminating a stem or cutwater at its upper end in place of a figurehead. Also called scrollhead.
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