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  1. I watched on the SailGP website dashboard. Better info, manual choosing of cameras etc. Guessing that doesn’t count to YT numbers (anyone know?). I wonder how many others watch that way…I only discovered that option today…
  2. Maybe the pirouette when their compass glitched counted.
  3. And for the VO65s... (doh, sorry JohnRowe, initially all I saw in your post was the IMOCAs...)
  4. And now the tracker has cleared all those arrival times...
  5. Yeah, just wondering about the angle ideas of going south...
  6. Is some of this southerly routing by the faster boats (bring them back to everyone else) due to trying to play the angle around an exclusion zone off Cascais?
  7. Ahah...the Daily Fix episode today says that 11th and Linked hit the light air and that triggered the gybing to the south to stay in the wind. Can't see that on the tracker with the low time-resolution I guess, but it makes sense.
  8. Another thing I've been noticing watching the tracker a fair amount for the last 36 hours or so... 11th seems to usually have higher boat speed than Linked...but then do some maneuvers that give up the lead. I'm not sure if this is tracker artifacts or something else, but it does seem like they are playing a positioning game. It seems like it paid off in getting them to the weather front just a bit earlier than Linked...maybe this is something similar?
  9. So, why is 11th doing it then? Seems like they are letting the rest of the fleet back into it, but I'm sure I'm missing something...
  10. What's the explanation for why 11th and Linked are gybing south instead of reaching along the straightest path? Is it just trying to stay with the wind or is there something about a faster reaching angle they are looking for? Or.....?
  11. Good thing they've done their research...didn't take much googling to find this at http://www.space.com/adastra/adastra_spinoffs_050127.html Clearly, all those long duration astronauts on space stations need some help from our heroes...
  12. Thought this was an interesting tidbit about life aboard a BWR boat (Hugo Boss in this case)...especially when comparing it to life aboard the good schooner Anne. I wonder...is NASA more likely to have a big budget for a Mars mission (dwarfing even an AC campaign) and have goodies like this, or an Anne-sized budget and sprouts? Anyway, an amusing juxtuposition, especially when drawing parallels between Capey and Soanya...lol
  13. Thanks! I was specifically wondering if it made sense to blame nutrition...so yeah, doesn't sound like a strong body down there. Guess that wasn't why she was picked...
  14. First post at SA...only recently signed up here but have been reading SA off and on since last Spring. Anyway, have a question generated by our favorite couple's last blog entry. Soanya said: "My muscles really got a work out and I woke up aching so much this morning that I could hardly face getting out of bed for some more rocking albeit in much calmer conditions." Most of my (minimal, compared to many here) time on a boat has been bouy racing. The longest I've ever been on a boat straight has been 3 days in up to 30kt winds with 10ft seas. That said, I've never thought I was sore
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