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  1. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-12-19/sydney-to-hobart-yacht-race-cancelled-due-to-nsw-coronavirus/13001142?fbclid=IwAR0naib755pf-lhXE9n68cjkUmgUp2kes3XQDKuBLPC0EqC5fel7XQQY2p4
  2. Agree entirely with this a medical professional needs to know what your low O2 levels are at least to help before your body declares the crisis. We have been really lucky in Aus my ICU has discharged all of their patients with 100% survival, they were all ventilated about a month and all had dialysis - you can't diagnose your own renal failure at home or make good decisions in a low O2 state or if your fluids & electrolytes are out of whack. Please get some attention, if they tell you to go home we are all really pleased.
  3. The deaths you guys are dealing with blows my mind. Here in Aus our COVID ICU patients are still in single figures in each unit. We are pacing.
  4. Christ... please add 1 teaspoon of Psyllium Husk to your breakfast and you'll be down to one square, one flush & no ointment within 3 days
  5. I have been & got my scrubs, the suit comes off once our surge starts. This is where we are in Aus.
  6. Love that view - in my head it reminds me how many people are still out there. Thank You
  7. Signing in... Happy Hobart Eve ya filthy animals
  8. In November I'll be travelling for work. I usually go the weekend before and do something I can't do here in Brisbane. Any ideas/sight seeing? I don't drink so probably not the wineries unless for food? Any sailing recommendation to join a race/contact a club? I usually sail keel-boats Thanks In Advance OA.
  9. Oops my bad, blonde moment! Has everyone with steering issues got in to port?
  10. Looks like the tail end are all within 5 nm of port, nearly safely delivered
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