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  1. They might start noticing if the CDN peso keeps appreciating. It's like $0.81 today? Up from high sixites?
  2. My doctor was the son of our family doctor that delivered me. Suffice to say we lead different paths in life, he was ten years older than me. I was having chest pains and difficulty breathing. Thought I had cancer. Doc was feeling my chest and asking where it hurt, ignoring my cancer diagnosis. Finally asks if someone hit me with a car or 2x4? No, not that I remember. But then I remember and tell him that I had fallen off a second storey roof while sneaking out of an late night rendezvous. I had cowboy boots on and there was a frost on the roof. Fell down with my upper body
  3. Thanks Boomer. Luckily the CDN dollar is not super weak right now, so they went a little farther when converted.
  4. He wasn't a keyboard warrior/wanker like you: Philip was appointed as a midshipman in January 1940. He spent four months on the battleship HMS Ramillies, protecting convoys of the Australian Expeditionary Force in the Indian Ocean, followed by shorter postings on HMS Kent, on HMS Shropshire, and in Ceylon.[25] After the invasion of Greece by Italy in October 1940, he was transferred from the Indian Ocean to the battleship HMS Valiant in the Mediterranean Fleet.[26] On 1 February 1941,[27] Philip was commissioned as a sub-lieutenant after a series of courses at Portsmouth, in which he
  5. 1982 GS1100E. This is not mine, but looks the same. I put a small wind deflector on it, had soft bags and rode Vancouver to NYC to Toronto, down to Chicago and hit Route 66 (all that I could) to Santa Monica and then hit the 101 back to Vancouver. Five week long road trip. Just epic, that bike had torque, so much torque. Scary at times, but man did I love her.
  6. Help! Help! Merday! Merday! I have shot a bunch of holes in my yot when my AR-15 went on full auto. As heard on Ch. 16. Only bubbles at the scene of transmission.
  7. I am finally turning the corner on a bad rotator cuff injury and can start working out after a year of pain/inflammation and frozen shoulder. I was recommended to use a TRX suspension system for my next stages of rehab/strength. Looks like they jam into doors and can be attached to eye bolts, but I would like to see some real world examples instead of the staged promotional material. Anyone using these style systems wish to share?
  8. I guess that old truck has no glove compartment. TP, corkscrew, matches and insurance. I live in a rainforest, no way you would have TP hanging about like that. Ziplocks are not just for week, ya know. I do laugh at your response, I was a skipper of a gillnetter for 16 years, not just day fishing near civilization. Doesn't get much more bush than that.
  9. Never thought I would be interested in watching someone shift a truck. After all that, I think he made it up to 15 mph? And what the hell is the roll of toilet paper doing there?
  10. My three daughters will all know how to drive manual and change a tire. Eldest is 9, so still awhile before worrying about 'my' vehicles.
  11. My favorite octopus infotainment: Floppy floppy spider of the sea
  12. Tyee Pool webcam, Campbell River, B.C. Tyee Pool
  13. What's up with wheelbarrow dude's left pant leg? Into the snowblower? There is more to this story...
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