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  1. @keeldragger I have perused your Youtube channel and did not locate the Teamwork video. I was hoping to show it to my kids, who were not born when it was created! I do not have FB. Does this video still exist?
  2. The status quo blows. I think that is what @Reference is advocating for. Bring an airtight case! Such a thing does not exist. Get real.
  3. This is the fault of the criminals that thought their desires are paramount. Banning the forum equivalent of shop calendars will not change this behaviour. Listen to Rachel, speaking out and telling both boys and girls that this is criminal and dealing with it through a fair criminal process is critical. That is what will change this, not banning threads.
  4. Baygon was used in the Gold Coast, we took over a flat that the 'city' owned and allowed performers and such to stay at. Unsure how we pulled that off, but the previous performer was some sort of juggler and he loved cockroaches. The cupboard under the sink was three roaches deep on all surfaces. We threw the mattresses outside and was told to use a couple of cans of Baygon and then air out the place for two days. Good times.
  5. The Aussie's had this shit called Baygon. Think it is illegal in the northern hemisphere. Feeling old when I say that I was traipsing around there 29 years ago!
  6. When in Aus, I drove a sigma up through the red centre in January. Did a road stop in Pimba. Had a couple of cold ones and asked for the toilet. Was told there is a dunny out back. Opened the door to the dunny and there is a shortened baseball bat with a leather strap hanging from a nail on the wall. It looked well used. Go back inside and ask about said bat. Was told to smack the shit out of the plywood around the toilet seat to knock off the red backs. Not surprisingly I no longer felt the need to shit.
  7. Politicians calling wanton tax spending, an 'investment'. Why are the returns always shitty on these investments?
  8. Boat yard finally being honest?
  9. They may want to go sailing with a few of us Gen Xers. Most of us can still tell funny jokes and be an interesting person to sit next to on the rail.
  10. Depends. Fixed price contract is just that, builder eats the increases and enjoys any decreases. With current price volatility, I am drafting many more interesting clauses into construction contracts, such as a current price but may change if price of inputs change from the quote/contract, but many are just now going to cost plus (a certain percent) The Canadian government has a program for this, it's called higher taxes for the boat purchaser. They nailed it again!
  11. Time to get the Friday stamp out!
  12. This thread has exposed something, we can once again type GRIFTERS without getting censored. Thanks ***********. I note the court case is the first result on Google when searching a combination of these three words. Edited to add, guess you still cannot post naD sreyeM, backwards yet.
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