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  1. I did not expect this at all. It could be SA got him all lathered up and he just lost it - if yer incecure and all of a sudden the whole world thinks your a looser - thats it. Bon Voyage.
  2. I had to rebuild a old ac cooling tower years ago. It was redwood - way to expensive to rebuild we just used flat yellow pine boards. We soaked the end grain is super thin epoxy and worked our way up to uh-thinned. It worked very well, for something that was always wet. Over time water did pass through. As with all coatings it is hardly a problem with a flat surface. It's ths corners that will kill you. They will fail. You have to constantly look out for it. I love the old tri's from Jim Brown and John Marples, I just don't know if I would have the disposition for them, even though they have p
  3. Here is a serious ass kicking plywood cat: http://www.marclombard.com/en/croisiere-topmenu-14/bateaux-a-moteur/atlantic-cruiser-60-menucroisiere-116
  4. Nothing. Nothing at all. I fear that we have all been had. Or maybe we worked ourselves up so much that we(all) have prematurely ... well, you know...can I have a towel?
  5. If that is true - why is there still Catholicism??
  6. What is taking so long for sea trials???? Is reality setting in on HR?
  7. I'm beginning to think like turkey now- maybe we have been had from the get go - that this whole thing was just a set up to beg for money.
  8. I know what the ultimate outcome will be on this but I find myself hoping old HR will make it. It reminds me of that scene in the Deer Hunter. I hope he makes it to Hawaii. Or, at least I hope he and whoever goes with him does not die.... http://vimeo.com/55781199
  9. Fuck...me...dead! As we go into the bottom of the first inning... Hotrod 1, SA 0 ------- word-------
  10. This is just incredible - does the poor guy have any idea that he is being watched and critiqued from all over the world? WTF would he think? What a bunch of peepers we are!!!
  11. Actually, from what I hear, CG -SF is aware of this build. (several people have called it in) Not sure if they are going to do anything but it could get interesting...As a reminder, go to the first page of this thread. Read the interview. James intends to charter the boat in Hawaii. Let that sink in for a while...
  12. I am so addicted to this thread - as far as the morality of letting this happen or not - I would just let it happen. It would be interesting if several hundred people did show up when Mr. James decides to launch. For some reason, I am betting that he will make it to the water with only a few stress cracks and that the water intrusion will be minor. I also think that the he may resort to having the beast towed as it will be unable to navigate under its own power. As others have said, he should turn left and head towards smooth water where it will eventually retire to a land fill. Such is life.
  13. Seriously, really. I was looking for some pics on a Pacific Seacraft 31 - a Mariah. and I found this link - never before shot seen here http://thedeathofyouth.com/ your welcome
  14. so I told myself, this 1000 day thread is too long to get into - but I got into it - now, I cant get enough of it. Sort of like Britney. Im repulsed but oddly fascinated...
  15. Imagine the mental and physical skills it takes to race a 100-footer like IDEC II at warp speed for more than two months. I dont think its possible without some sort of "supplement".
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