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  1. Want to buy an Adams 10, Ray?
  2. Which boats were dismasted?
  3. I recall that Col Watson modified the "bustle" on Chelinda to improve the rating. Could have something to do with this.
  4. Thank you. Any idea who the owner is? You can PM me details if possible.
  5. Swanson 36 Looking for any information about a Swanson 36 called "Chelinda". Originally owned by Col Watson at Sandringham then was sold to Sydney. Last known to be back in Melbourne at Hobsons Bay YC around 5 to 10 years ago and painted bright red. Was then sold but can't find where it went to. Anyone Know anything?
  6. Top of the Gulf regatta in Thailand which was due to start on May 1st has been rescheduled to next year. This is definitely affecting my sailing and my wallet as air fares and accommodation all paid for. Samui regatta is due to start at the end of May but no decision on that yet. The way things are shaping it may well be difficult or even impossible to either leave or get back in to the country without some form of testing and/or isolation anyway.
  7. Sandringham Yacht Club in Melbourne has a new(ish) club house, a big staff and no gamingmachines yet is in a very sound financial position and trading profitably.
  8. Ahhhh, Geelong. A few years ago, they laid the weather mark for the cruising class about 150 metres to weather of the downwind gate for the Div. 1 Racing fleet. Made life more than interesting for those of us on the 50+ footers charging downwind at 15+ knots and preparing for a spinnaker drop and being confronted by an almost solid wall of very slow cruisers.
  9. Hard to see Voodoo leaving Ichi Ban too far behind by the time they hit the transition. They only beat them over the line by 13 minutes after 8 hours racing in the last BWPS race.
  10. Plenty of places to run to. Stanley, Grassy, Macquarie Harbour, Port Davey, and Recherche Bay which all offer excellent shelter in all weather, plus a few other bolt holes offering limited shelter depending on wind direction. Not really harder than the RSH. It is 150 nm shorter to start with. I believe that the ORCV has made a rod for its own back by propagating the belief that it is a tougher race than the RSH; as by doing so it has discouraged a lot of people from doing it. Only 12 entries this year.
  11. Boats in the Melbourne to Hobart West Coast race will have a bit on. Widytv shows it gusting over 50 knots on the west coast on the 28th. with plenty before and after.
  12. To set the record straight, I am not an apologist for RO's or organizing authorities who cancel races due to unfavourable weather forecasts - I am simply stating the reasons why they do so. How would you feel if your club was sued for mega bucks by an aggrieved widow or one of your clubmates met an untimely end. This is the reality which clubs face. The CYCA postponed the start of the Gold Coast race around 8 years ago due to an impending gale warning. We had left the day before on a delivery but got caught in the front when it came through and had plenty on. Fortunately, we were close to New
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