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  1. And very much looking forward to a great weekend of racing with old friends!
  2. And Block Island Race Week is sober, as is BBR, and damn near ever other regatta ever attended by anyone. Ever...
  3. Ok...Fall Series starts in a little more than a week....can't wait...
  4. Thank you Ryley...way too many folks on these forums just bitch and moan for the hell of it. Saying something "sucks" is not productive at all and frankly is not explaining why you feel that way. Either zip it and go home or do something constructive to improve the event in your eyes so that you would like to attend. Being negative for the hell of it is childish. Take your balls and go home and let the rest of us play.
  5. Figment, you are both correct and incorrect. You are correct by saying that more alcohol is consumed before the party than during. I also believe that more is consumed after than during as well. As for the ratios...I find lately that the drinks are a tad watery but so be it. Both have NOTHING to do with the organization whatsoever and to blame it on the club is juvenile at best. The drinking at all sailing events is a PERSONAL decision...no-one is forcing you to drink at all. I will second Ryley's note that there is far more drinking at Race Week...not even close.
  6. I find it humorous that when someone uses the word hate and names people rabid dogs on this site and THEN are called out to do something a little positive with their energy they do not respond. How incredibly sad we have become hiding behind a fake name just to spew venom for no reason. A lot of folks on this site should take a step back, reflect on how they behave, and then grow up. We are all human, nothing we do is perfect, but we sure should try to be kind and not hide while spewing juvenile anger for no apparant reason. If you do not like something maybe change your own attitude to he
  7. New Dog Balls...you have an issue. I have attended hundreds of sailing events over the last forty odd years and the amount of alcohol present at Off Soundings is often less than at most events. Reality is that it is served differently but briefly. At most other events the booze flows just as freely and far longer than "under the Off Soundings tent". If you are lucky you may get two or tops three small drinks. Last I checked that does not make one a "rabid dog". As for the age of the club...yes it is older but show me ANY club that is not older than it was just a few years ago. The fact
  8. Clearly you are a young fuck who was not around in the heydey of IOR. Kialoas III to V were IOR designs, and damned good ones. Ondines III to V were IOR as well, although they were not great designs and not nearly as successful as the Kialoas. Before you young shits spout off about the lame IOR designs, I should remind you that many, many international race records were held by these "pigs" for decades, beaten only by $25 million canting keel supermaxis (10 to 20' longer than their IOR counterparts) with full professional crews in ideal conditions. Most IOR Maxis were 78 to 82', had amaeteur g
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