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  1. Break through year for my family on snow this year. And all thanks to indoor ski operations in the metro. We got them on plastic this spring minutes from our house instead of hours. They have some static slopes around town and we also got some time on a treadmill ski machine. I wasn't familiar with the latter and lordy, it was like starting over. I fell many times when it was my turn, good enough for a rug burn and several bruises. I'm wearing jeans next time. Took me pretty much 25 minutes out of a 30 minute session to figure it out. The unit has variable speed and inclination, is only 21' w
  2. Workin’ at the car wash blues - Jim Croce Caffeine, nicotine, benzedrine - Jerry Reed I just got paid - ZZ Top Daddy’s Cup - Drive By Truckers
  3. If the Albin looks good to you, there’s an Olson 25 in Cali that popped up in the classifieds.
  4. We use ‘em for door stops round here:) Okay, so it’s not an asteroid. But it was;)
  5. Nothing new. Hitting soft targets in the high country for maximum exposure started with the Two Elks arson. Seems Earth First! left a calling card at the Black Hills Energy operated locations in Pitkin County. In the recent edition of Condé Nast Traveller magazine (my wife got a free sub, what a waste of paper), the Senior VP of sustainability at Aspen Ski Co has stated they are in a “major fight” with the fossil fuels industry. I guess that the recent disruption of gas service to the town of Aspen is consistent with Aspen Ski CO’s message that they are openly hostile to the industry. An
  6. Carter 1-ton Hughes 35 .
  7. Charlie Morgan’s 30/2, 33t and 36t have some junk.
  8. https://ssedmundfitzgerald.org/crewtribute
  9. The Solo Stove is designed to greatly reduce this. Which it does. Plus, the barrel shape and mesh guard will block most trajectories. Ours meets the requirements for burning in the Denver city limits with the mesh guard installed. I haven't had it spit or pop very much even with beetle kill Lodgepole. This stove burns wood like a motherf*cker. When its up to temp and has enough fuel, it creates an air circulation pattern that very efficiently turns anything you put into it to very fine ash. A vortex of flame will spiral out of the top. Green wood, hard wood, soft wood, dry wood, split, u
  10. Earthquake activity increases with new and full moon cycles when lunar and solar gravitational stresses on the Earth are at a maximums. During a new moon, the Moon and Sun tag team the Earth coincidentally. During a full moon, the Earth gets sandwiched between the two. High tide forecasts are good approximations for predicting periods of increased chances for earthquake activity. Note tomorrow's full moon. Distances between the three objects over the various orbital cycles influence the strength of this effect (these distances vary across months, years, decades). For example, one would would
  11. I’ve got one. It’s thirsty.
  12. Posting for a dad:) Somewhere on a fresh water sea. Gotta shout out to my father for keeping up an impeccable maintenance schedule for his Frers 33, Hull #41. One summer day, I watched a Swan swim up and get into a heated confrontation with his reflection off the hull.
  13. P.D. Eastman wrote and illustrated this one. Not as prolific as Seuss. I am deep into level one reading with my youngest and these his books are gems for building confidence. http://pdeastmanbooks.com/
  14. Either too much or not enough. Talked to an aeronautical engineer on the docks one day and he brought up the relationship between the force of the wind on Dillon and air density relative to sea level locations. I was aware of the velocity component but neglected the importance of the density of air. The wind force is defined by the Equation 1: 1Fw = pd A = 1/2 ρ v2 A where Fw = wind force (N) A = surface area (m2) pd = dynamic pressure (Pa) ρ = density of air (kg/m3) v = wind speed (m/s) And the density
  15. 7-8 Etchells on the line for the last regatta weekend. That's a 3 or 4 boat gain over last year. Definitely the up and coming fleet on Dillon in terms of boat additions and top talent. You mentioned Cita, the Schock 40, brought in from SoCal for, I don't know, 5 or 6 seasons. They do a great job getting juniors on board. Non-J Boat additions to the racing fleet this year are a M-24 (too bad, as I wish these would catch fire) and a M-32 (Brutus from Ann Arbor. Looks tired). J/24 fleet is down big, Stars are down, and J/22 fleet is steady. J/80s have no traction and race PHRF if one
  16. I spotted one in the wild on Dillon today.
  17. Scout is 10 months or so. She’s a chiapit. Yeah, that’s it. Everything we’ve asked her to do in her young life, she has excelled at. Including full marks as a boat dog. She let my girls push her around on tube. Play on the Lilly pad with the kids? No problem. Sniff the air from the bow? Of course. River swim? Sure!
  18. GD I love this place. Forth day up north and I’ve totally forgotten the 1100 mile road trip to get here. Just drove past Portage Lake After getting cold snacks and it was an absolute sparkling 15 knot out of the the WSW. Not a sail up but spotted a nicely cared for J-30 swing at anchor. There was a nice Ericsson 38 in Lake Arcadia for a couple days that had the anchorage to themselves. Looked like fun. Water temp Is 81 degrees on the surface. Kids are having a blast swimming and fishing. Perch are making a comeback:) The Arthur M. Anderson passed abeam about sunset last night. Prett
  19. Northern 1/4 ton from sailboat data. 1972 C&C design for MORC. Pretty hot shit little boat when it came out. Became the Mirage 24. My dad’s first boat was an early Northern. He did very well in MORC with Whisper until the J/24s arrived. He said he was faster in the light upwind, even in moderate, lost in breeze and the Js had speed downwind in every condition. No active listings for the more numerous Mirage 24s. $2000-$5000 range from past listings. Great designs for the money.
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