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  1. In my experience, gore-tex is worth the money if you're going offshore for multiple days. They stand behind their product. HL wanted 6 weeks to review some shorts that I had just to determine if the fabric failed. I had a pair of bibs that leaked from HL and sent them to gore-tex on a monday. They received them, tested them, and gave me a store credit of more than I paid originally for the bibs on the next friday. Five days later. The next week they were at my house. I have cheaper stuff, but for day racing and inshore sailing. But if I was going to be in the ocean for a week, th
  2. I've added chafe sleeve to reef lines on cruising boats that were planning on crossing oceans. Double up on the cover where it goes through the cringles and still use a dyneema core. You don't want stretch when it's blowing 30-40+ kts. Is this a race boat, which will typically hang onto a full main or push the boat very hard and not reef much? If so, you can run 3mm dyneema as messenger lines to pull through your 'real' reef lines, even in 40+, then set the reef. Horses for courses. What are the plans for the boat?
  3. Merit 25


    Chota MukLuk quicklace boots. hard to find, but I'm very happy with mine. Grippy, very warm, and flexible. Use an insert if you need more arch support, b/c they don't have much/any.
  4. If you can bring a 2nd lightweight jacket or top, I'd do that. Spray top or jacket for light stuff, and heavy kit w/ big collar for night time 40 kts and driving rain. Sitting on the rail in 40-50 kts in a rain storm without a hood physically hurts your face. On the grinder, you're going to bake. But you could be in anything more than shorts and a t-shirt and you'll bake. Such is life.
  5. Hey, at least you remembered to put the shackle in. I did a great tight splice for Ajax and forgot the shackle on his spin halyard. I'm sorry did you say "step 18"? I would never try splicing if there were that many steps, I just don't have the attention for... What was it? Go for Samson or NER. There's like 6-8 steps. By far this is the hardest part. All the other steps takes 15 minutes or less. This part can take an hour or more. And sometimes, I've left it over night to come back later. You can try soaking the rope in a little soapy water. But you'll need rubber
  6. Glad to see another convert. You won't regret it. It's really easy to splice and check for wear, no reason to stick with wire unless there is a chafe problem somewhere. I used alumnum channel stock for the hatch boards, home depot special. So far no corrosion, just glued them in with 4200. I didn't like the PVC stuff b/c its usually pretty thick.
  7. would like to, but its not in the cards. Cost and time off from work will be too much. I'm signed on for another competative boat managing crew, and another boat crewing for an ocean race in 2012. Just won't have the time off or the time to plan. Good luck down there, but I don't think you'll need it. ;)

  8. We registered for Key West RW 2012 this week. Any chance you guys may make the regatta?

  9. raft up at solomons to check out the near gear??? I'll be heading up there a few time this season. I'll provide the beer, you provide the ice.
  10. Are those 3 holes threaded? If so, pick up some long bolts that thread into them and use a harmonic balancer puller to remove it, which I'm sure you're intimately familiar with from replacing timing chains. I'd also check the price and availability of that nut before you cut it.
  11. HB, put some PB blaster on it and wait a day or 2. Or use Kroil and wait a day or 2. PB blaster works well in a short period of time, if you have a few days to soak it, use the Kroil. It'll come right off. Q: And how big is the breaker bar? A: Not big enough. I've used one made of 1.5" mild steel tubing that was 4 feet long. A little awkward, but it'll do the job. It'll also break a lot of shit (tire irons,wrenches, ratchets,) so use the Kroil or PB first, let it soak, try it again w/ a small wrench. Then use the big gun. Heat does work, but it should only be used as a la
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