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  1. Bill was everything said in the posts above. He was a great person, always friendly, always helpful and to top it off, a great sailor too. Wish I'd had the opportunity to sail with him more. Gone way too soon. Fair winds and following seas!
  2. Think that was the Holiday II, an early Cal 40, with sleddog and a group of then youngsters sailing really, really well and winning.
  3. Keenserts are one item sometimes used where fittings need to be installed and removed from carbon laminates. Can benefit from some epoxy as galvanic barrier between Keensert and laminate at initial nstallation. https://www.clarendonsf.com/products/inserts/keensert-inserts
  4. Nice Looking sails! Nice boat too! Glad to see this vintage steed being well sailed on LIS.
  5. Silversailor - congratulations! These are fun boats, I had the pleasure of racing with Ivan on hull #1 in a couple of regattas several years ago. Fun to sail and plenty of room for the crew to enjoy a beverage below after racing. Enjoy.
  6. Nut-hatch asks about the LO PHRF ratings of all of the Andrews 30's and Critical Path has a very plausible explanation. I don't have all the numbers handy but the fractional boat is clearly Heartbeat. Of the others, it is likely the one with I=~44 is ex Short Circuit, ex-Volatile Agent. my recollection was the new rig was only 1-2' taller than original but could be mistaken. How to tell the boats apart? Sure there are similarities but also differences. Most of the full race boats have similar cabins and cockpits but differences in hull shape, beam, beam distribution and engine place
  7. Crankcall didn't get it quite right, there were several Star 30's built but in several different versions. FLAK, Risky Business '90, Freestyle, Heartbeat, Jeans, Canned Heat, Short Circuit were not Star 30's. Of the Star 30's, many were built with the original tall house & cockpit seats which also had higher freeboard to get the headroom. Original design brief was for a boat that could cruise with full headroom. Because of the high freeboard and same stem angle to other boats of the day, the Star 30 waterline had to be shorter and with all the accommodations it had to carry, i
  8. A couple of key things about the It's OK, Margaritaville and Med Man projects. Each owner was looking to upgrade and there had been a big handicap system change. All had IOR boats (Med Man was IOR sled, a small ULDB 70) and IOR was now gone and racing was either IMS or PHRF. Each owner had continuously maintained and updated their boats so the gear worked well and good parts of their sail inventories had low hours. Market price for their boats were less than the value of the gear/sails/boat parts which worked perfectly well that they could bring across to the new boat. For each of them it
  9. Have fun with Kahoots. I sailed a lot of miles with the original owner and its been a good boat. The spin pole track works the same as a metal stiffening bar fastened to the inside of the mast as was common in high end racing spars when this mast was built. Continuing the track below deck eliminated your choice of either A - a stress riser at the high load area where the mast goes through the deck or B - overlapping joint to internal deck doubler stiffening of slightly more metal. Yes, it makes the Spartite job tougher but structurally cleaner.
  10. WSD is Carl Schumacher design with hull, deck, etc. built by Dennis Choate and hardware, etc. in bay area. Impact was known to be in Coronado, CA and available for sale. The owners (probably the next owners after Ron) haven't been able to use Impact much in recent years and as of a few months ago were looking to find it a good next home.
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