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  1. Did that with my FIL, but he was Buying Russian Brides.... Seriously, they had to freeze his account after the first one bailed after a year or 2... He is that bad... Get him Grocery store Gift cards now... He is alone, sad and a terrible terrible man...
  2. This bit - The most insightful answer, I thought, was that the Republican’s best hope for winning in 2022—aside from voter suppression—is to keep the culture wars hot, even if it means causing illness and death. I just have no words.. This is so spot on. And this The problem, the report says, is politics. And it is specific. “The failure of the former president to concede the election and the events surrounding the certification of the results of the presidential election in Congress in January, have no recent parallels in other very highly rated sovereigns. The redrafting of
  3. I don't think I will ever understand the fucking GOP.. WTF, stoping kids vax.. That is fucking devil shit right there....
  4. Ummmmmm. https://www.epicpass.com/benefits/view-all-benefits.aspx https://www.epicpass.com/pass-results/passes.aspx You can get them here in aug for cheap.. Full price is obviously stupid...
  5. Florida actually has the most ski clubs of any state... At least back in the day. Check that out. Apparently they put together tours and such.. Prob be a good place to get some connections and leads on stuff in FL..
  6. Vail resorts owns everything skiing. Even tiny Wilmont mountain in Wisconsin, so probably. Google is your friend. The pass thing is a workaround, so read the fine print. If you are talking about the ski rental thing, then yea, every resort has options like that.
  7. No.. Absolutely not. This is fucked and I really don't see a solution when they are chanting for death at these stupid cpac meetings. There is no turning them back. They will drink the kool aid if given. they are that far gone...
  8. Well, I guess it is good to live in suburbia in a solid blue state... Not an idiot flag to be seen within the basically 5 mi circle I have been in since covid. Old Glory is flying from my porch. Neighbors too. When I went to Chicago in April, not a, idiot flag. (Drove the red states at night so did not see much) Point is that this is a totally regional thing. Sorry if you live in the bible belt, you are screwed... Utahians, well same.. just need the the wyo idiots to stay north of the border. Hopefully there is not a Southern US variant "SUSV"?? That takes the world by storm in a fe
  9. Fly the Co flag mostly, But old glory makes an appearance in between the Bear's/Av's and the Cubs W flags Depending on the season. We fly xmas flags, snoopy flags and the anarchy flag off the boat... WTF, The flag i s the flag, not only yours, not only Mine, but the frigging countries and I was taught to respect it as it is the symbol of our god damn country. I don't give a rats ass what some rwnj thinks . I am saying America is cool...
  10. 51, I am going to be staring at this stupid desk doing this stupid job for a whole lot longer... Stupid.
  11. Did the same with the Floyd hill sign back in the day... I think I might have one in the garage that was procreated sometime in the early 90's... LOL
  12. What's a local?? Would love, Love, Love to do that in the mountains. Might keep the sheep down here...
  13. Just like any other state, we have right leaning districts and left leaning districts. Hers happens to encompass almost the entire fracking industry in the south western part of the state. Tons o $$ and gunz out there and they don't want no durn government telling them how to frack and where.. The libs are on the I70 corridor (Road to ski resorts) and on the front range. Basically from Fort collins (Colorado state university) in the north to Pueblo in the south with a big red dot over Colorado Springs(Military)..... My wife trolls her on twitter... Funny stuff.
  14. OK, kid is 23 now and grew up skiing. Lease from some local shop.. REI or some such... or rent at a shop off the mountain, like in town. Cheaper and you don't have to deal with all the doorknobs trying to return their crap before the mountain closes. You can leisurely drive down and turn em in on the way to dinner. I raced and kid skied since he could walk. I have 5 pairs of skis and 4 pairs of boots of his in the garage and that does not count his good pair with the size 12 frigging boots..... So I did not follow my own advice, partly out of vanity and partly because that is how I alway
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