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  1. OK, so we own a mariner 32.. Basically the same vintage and built in the same place. Had the boat since I was in grade school. Replaced the deck early 90's ish and I was part of that 3 year saga. Actually did the demo on my breaks from School. Ummmm. They look great and are going to last longer than the wooden masts, but it took 3 frigging years... Dad knew the builder and basically rented space to do most by himself, but the builder would step in when things got tricky. Laying the planks and playing with the thiacol was um .... Interesting. No idea how much it cost, but the boat is s
  2. This is just the first of many opportunities to distance herself from the shitstain and rebrand into a more wholesome homy image. She is gonna run if her dad does not. Or, she is running for a senate seat or somesuch... This is just a PR play.. 100%
  3. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/ivanka-trump-vaccine-covid-twitter-b1831839.html Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump took to Twitter to announce that she got the Covid-19 shot and encouraged others to do the same, a move that has caused a meltdown among anti-vaxxers and conservative supporters of the former president. Oh to be there to see all the MAGA heads explode... LOLOLOLOL
  4. Formula one, since the 70's, has had massive popularity and therefore massive $$$. The I don't think you can compare the 2. Would it be nice... Yes... But will it happen with today's tech, prob not.
  5. Speaking of which?? how many are you talking about?? We only have 3 and 1 is a teacher that was getting checked 2-3x per week, and the other a single dude working from home, so we had no probs being maskless. Will you do temp checks before letting people on or some other test?? temp = mask or somesuch?? Seriously curious...
  6. Aren't these guys the same guys that chop off the back of their toothbrushes so save weight?? And you are gonna bring osha in there??
  7. It was a donkey. Strippers donkey to be precise... Knocked out/dead on queludes. Child of the 80's. Must have seen that thing about 1000 times back in the day on HBO... Tom hanks has had one of the most interesting and wonderful careers of my lifetime. Will smith too...
  8. Again, If you are voluntarily going into a private venue they can absolutely ask for it... the vaccine info...
  9. Fort Jackson Commanding General Jonathan Pentland Responds to Viral Video Jonathan Pentland, a United States Army sergeant first class, is the subject of an investigation into a viral video from Columbia, South Carolina. by Patrick Tubbs 18 seconds ago in News Reading Time: 6min read 0 ADVERTISEMENT Jonathan Pentland, a United States Army sergean
  10. Good on ya boothy, This is fucked up, The kid lived a pretty close apparently. Duche nozzle and his kin need to be lit up. Community is questioning the head cop for not pressing assault charges.
  11. Yea, that site is great until you actually click to get the appointment... Been there done that for over a month. Everything shows green until you actually click... It varies by region. Here you can't find a shot. Had to go way up north to get my first, and only got that appointment because my wife found a women's clinic in an overly vax shy community for her mom a couple months ago. I called them up and got an apptment the next week(the looks i got were funny, women's clinic and all). Coworkers are going down to pueblo next week, as they opened the fairgrounds, but they were scrambling
  12. You can't catch Aids from simply breathing the air around an infected person.. False analogy.. What part of that do you not comprehend??
  13. This bit takes the cake. Stay out of my fucking state you criminal duche nozzle.
  14. Seriously, Why?? Disturbing... We are truly fucked...
  15. I stand corrected, still Fuck Kaiser... LOL. Issues go wayyyyyyy back.
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