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  1. Fiat 850 sport, Cherry red... Jammed a 2x4 under front seat and glassed it in. Thing was a submarine one time, Hole let h20 in and kept tires on ground while I powered past floating 80's era autos. Good times, and damn I looked good..... LOL
  2. Find the "Open Concept" house Craze to be much the same. If I had to do it all over again, the 1200 sq ft great room with open concept kitchen would have me running... Location, Location, Location though...
  3. Aplicable word being " Used Correctly".. Jasson Bourne uses burner phones correctly. Any trump would call the whore house and the coke dealer carrying it around for months and thinking he can literally burn in the incinerator later. All whilst calling his 3-5th mistresses and carrying on conversations about shooting illegals for sport and decapitating Muslem/jewish/black/hispanic/..... Shit, anything but white christian, children...
  4. LOL, need to put "BoB' the bungee on... That'll do the trick...
  5. You are getting so tiresome. The guy apologized which is much further than I have seen anyone go on these forums in a long time and you are Calling him on semantics. Grow up...
  6. If you want a goalie.. Esposito was decent.. LOL
  7. Didn't matter. Seems like he took the grift to the end like any good Trumpist. How much $$ was in those coffers a month ago?? Doubt the wifie took it all.. It is the way...
  8. Welp, Is this the wake up call for suburban whites that the black folk are armed too?? Might not be an all bad thing...
  9. Saw this this morning. WTF, #1 WTF??? #2 This one is going to get.. Well wow.. This one is going to get stupid... Prediction, (And it is 100% totally fucked up that this will be the case) he gets 25-life...
  10. Well, to be fair.. It is basically 2 fuckers, and the rest of us are simply refuting the BS... IMHO Rittenhouse was political after the fact... Besides the kid being a total asshat for bringing a long gun to a riot. The car?? Guy is black, guy had a record and was running from a domestic thing. How is that political?? Now the black kid that just got busted for shooting into the white kids truck after they tried to run him off the road.. Not political until the nut jobs get involved Well... It's now Political/racial/fucked up... No??
  11. If it is not a security door than wtf is it doing there?? There is even a little chair where the security guy sits in case of an emergency as you can see from the initial pics. That is my point...
  12. Goalie 2nd from left. Can't skate for shit... LOL
  13. Bullshit, Bullshit, Bullshit. It's your underlying play every time. Using the false equivalency that our guys are as bad as your guys... They simply are not. It's been proven over and over and over and over and over ad nauseam....
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