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  1. Rotating, just an easier way to tension shrouds.
  2. Mine is 5:1 on the shroud with 4:1 pulling on the 5:1. I put a safety loop on the shroud so I can release the perfect amount out on the shroud to raise and lower mast. So it's goes like this: Raise mast with shroud tension on safety loops, (loose but not to much) Pull 4:1 that pulls 5:1 putting a buttload of tension on shroud to preset mark. Cleat or tie off 4:1. There is 4' between shroud D ring and back beam D ring to allow enough room for the 4:1 to get the 5:1 nice and tight.
  3. Thinking about buying a Raider Sport that is for sale in Idaho, about a 10 hour drive from where I am in Washington. Still loving yours? Anything I should look out for?



  4. In Hawaii, all alone in a time of need
  5. Does the Atlas have built in maps?
  6. Why you spell rutter with double d's?
  7. Does China not have radio stations?
  8. How cool would it be if Flotsam and Jetsam washed up as flotsam and jetsam?
  9. According to reddit and those in the know... WMAR is will be the new GME in the next 3 weeks KB
  10. https://www.leboncoin.fr/ Type in "trimaran"
  11. Wholly shit those pics! The cheese scow looks fukt. Should be in the zombie fleet on the other forum.
  12. Vakaros Atlas.... Funny its named 'Atlas' because it doesn't seem to have any built in marine charts.
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