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  1. Zoomed in on that to see it appears to be dated 1982. Maybe a higher capacity variant of the HP 7135 that had 404 MB for $27K, since it appears to be marked 4017 and either 604 or 804. Regardless, it's amazing to think that we went from around $70K per gigabyte (and closer to $500k per gig not long before that), to about $0.015 cents per gigabyte these days.
  2. "I'm Just a Bill" I loved Schoolhouse Rock (The original ones, from the '70's". "Conjunction Junction" was probably my favorite, with "I'm just a Bill" and some others like "Lolly Lolly Get Your Adverbs Here", "Interjections", "Figure Eight", and "The Preamble"not too far behind. Some of the others were just ok, but most were at least fun.
  3. Couldn't care less .. Still the best Catwoman ever. She also had a dead sexy voice, and as Dorcas was far and away my favorite of the seven brides for seven brothers.
  4. Cool. Didn't know either of those. Thanks! I did enjoy sailing the Jet especially. I sailed the Jet-14 my family owned fairly regularly. It was a nimble little boat. I only got to sail in the thistle a few times since it was stored at the club.
  5. Is that second one a Thistle? Seems like it might be too long, so not sure. I used to mostly race e-scows with my some of my uncles, but their club also had star and thistle fleets, as well as Jet-14s (though that was around the time the Jet-14 fleet stopped racing). I raced with a neighbor of theirs on a thistle one weekend far too long ago when I was 12 or 14. The thing I remember most about the Thistle was the lack of any deck and this hiking off that thin outer edge. I still had a great time as always when racing, but for sailing I much preferred the Jet-14s to the thistle. Very
  6. I'm thinking on the coast of North Africa, given the desert style paint scheme. OTOH, that would be a hell of a secret history if the Japanese ferried some Messerschmitt 110's along for the ride.
  7. Triops .. so very cool reading about them. "These tadpole-size creatures, called Triops "look like little mini-horseshoe crabs with three eyes," Lauren Carter, lead interpretation ranger at Wupatki National Monument, told Live Science. Their eggs can lie dormant for decades in the desert until enough rainfall falls to create lakes that provide real estate and time for the hatchlings to mature and lay eggs for the next generation ..." "Triops — which is Greek for "three eyes" — are sometimes called "dinosaur shrimp" because of their long evolutionary history; the ancestors of these cr
  8. https://zenithpress.tumblr.com/post/95911095835/captain-frank-farrell-wwii-shadow-warrior I did some more digging now that it's not 4am, and you aren't far off, it's Guadalcanal. So just the other side of most of the Solomons from New Guinea, and a little south. Also the campaign on Guadalcanal started early in 1942, while the start of the subsequent Solomon Islands campaign and the move to retake and New Guinea both came later in 1942. Definitely the same kind of vegetation by and large though.
  9. Yep. Thompson and WWII. I'm not an expert, but that 2nd guy seems to be carrying another M1, while the third guy pretty clearly has a Thompson sub: The uniforms also definitely look more like WWII south pacific than Vietnam era uniforms. It also seems very likely to be somewhere in the South Pacific, as opposed to Europe. I was pretty sure of that anyhow, but did a quick image search to try and confirm and found this: https://acworthbookstore.net/product/clothing-soldier-world-war-ii-qmc-historical-studies-1946-paperback/ So that image was actually used on the cover
  10. I never got that far, but did almost get a recruiter we worked with in our IT group in trouble when she asked me what the new CEO was like, and my reply was a quote from Dilbert .. "He's tall and has executive style hair." After explaining the reference to her, she then had to stop herself from laughing herself silly when she actually met him, as that was about exactly all he really was.
  11. Yes I am a geek (well computer programmer at least) .. but I actually had "I'm Sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that." as my custom sound for "Critical stop" in both Windows 99 and Windows NT. I was also using Bugs Bunny's "What's up Dock", the door "schick" sound from the original Star Trek, among others. Never did customize windows 7, but am now thinking of doing that for the Windows 19 sounds, since they are maybe the worst ever by MS.
  12. Am I missing something, or are B, I and M not all 1 to the right of A, H and L? Rather than to the left.
  13. True on both counts. But that's one hell of a walk and swim to the nearest corner store.
  14. Okay. So clearly I didn't read far enough down the thread before I sent my last post ..
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