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  1. Depending on the interior structure it might not be a great idea to move the chainplate attachment points. Changing the angle of the spreaders might be easier. You need advice from someone who knows what they are doing and can look at your mast and boat.
  2. He's talking about surfing sideways while beam on to the seas not how we normally do it.
  3. Might be different with the Yanmar but I don't think there is anyway you could have threaded one of those pumps down into my Volvo sail drive. Just pouring in the oil took forever. It was very difficult not to pour a bit to fast and make an oily mess. Also make sure you have the correct crush washer for the plug. If the Yanmar takes one.
  4. But then they cost more than the ones that are not built with that in mind and not enough people will pay the extra money for something they can't see.
  5. I remember the Westsails are the best crowd went nuts after the Trans-Pac victory. They said it proved heavier is better. You could tell most of them believed it had won boat for boat. To be fair, the "average" any type of boat probably won't win these races either.
  6. I'm sure the Hinkley was a wonderful boat. However, a well designed and built cored deck will out perform a poorly designed and built solid deck. Heavier is not always better!
  7. Soon all the hot new designs will have vertical chines.
  8. Sounds like something has already dealt with the carcass.
  9. It's literally 10 tons of weight.
  10. At least they didn't show it in the pictures for their ad.
  11. According to what I could find, highest recorded at Kenai River Mouth 25.6 lowest -5.9 so maybe not so much. Homer was slightly less range.
  12. Until you sand right through to the screw heads.
  13. Did you try more tension on the leech line?
  14. I got kicked off a frozen lake by a NPS Ranger because "boats" weren't allowed.
  15. If that amount of growth puts boats on the rocks there would be a lot more boats on the rocks.
  16. Learned that the hard way decades ago racing Tech Dinghys on the Charles. Guy came up from astern on the run and ran dead on into our stern. I told him to "Do your circles." He didn't, I protested. Jury found there was contact, no hail of "Protest" both boats out.
  17. How a boat floats depends on how much water it's hull displaces. You could have no sealed internal compartments or the whole boat could be one big sealed compartment and it won't make any difference. To the water outside the hull the only thing that matters is how much the boat weighs. In fact if you fill the boat with foam flotation it will float a little lower than the empty boat since the foam weighs a little bit. It'd be very hard to sink though.
  18. What do you mean by, built in flotation? Anything inside the hull will not make it float higher, unless you swamped it and are full of water. Then it would help.
  19. Foam pipe insulation helps with that.
  20. I have a 1020 up in AK. Great boat but the cockpit is very non ergonomic when going to windward for long periods. Looks like the 1220 fixed that issue.
  21. The max speed of 22 feet per minute will be a problem if you have to go very far at all.
  22. Well at least the discussion isn't about Don Juan's mast.
  23. If going downwind with the sail let way out the clew goes up and the top twists way off. Pulling in the furler wraps the foot tight but the upper leech is loose so comes in messy. Is it enough to cause big problems? I don't know but it won't be pretty.
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