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  1. Mirpuri's first training video, before they lost the drone, unfortunately no sound or onboard videos/photos
  2. It's just shedding the old skin off. Gonna be brand spankin new now !
  3. I mean doing the Ocean race than after that having time to do the VG 2024 is a great series of events. If he wins, its great for the sponsor search after TOR. He wanted to go back to crewed sailing as well, and VG still in his sights but only with a winning project.
  4. Yoann Richomme named skipper of the Mirpuri Foundation VO65 https://mirpurifoundation.org/irpuri-news/racing-team/yoann-richomme-announced-as-skipper-for-the-mirpuri-foundation-racing-team/
  5. Correct, https://alu-ship.de/alubat/
  6. Should be the boat that was Vivo a Beira in TJV 2017
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