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  1. This thread is for anybody on the water t who has a thought. I’ve been watching my Ravcor water separator so closely I didn’t notice that my alternator wasn’t putting out a charge a couple days ago. I didn’t think it was the regulator because that is a replacement for the last ARS whatever that quit about 10 years ago. Plus it’s LEDs we’re showing it going through the start up. sure enough, a jumper on the Balmar showed it was the regulator. What’s with these junk regulators? luckily, when it happened last time I picked up a 70’s Ford regulator. Aft
  2. When we moved to maine, we bought an old fish market on Camden harbor, expanded the building and lived upstairs. When the construction was complete, we threw open the doors downstairs and poof, I was a fish monger. we used to keep 200 pounds of live lobsters in a tank fed by a pool pump on the harbor edge. New shells, hard shells, I’d throw the ‘racks’ of bones from freshly filleted salmon, halibut into the tank to keep them happy. As well as cook them to go I used to often steam 4, 8, then crack and pick the meat for an order, all before 8 in the morning.
  3. I’m not a huge fan of steamed Maine lobster. But the co-captain is and brought four new shells along. Our biggest pot on the boat isn’t huge so I steamed them, in pairs. 10 minutes per pound once the pot starts steaming, so 12.5 minutes for these 1 1/4 pounders. New shells are full of seawater (the lobster grows an oversized shell once or twice a season and then takes months to grow into it). what a mess, I feel like the vet on all creatures great and small delivering a calf. we both had to dump our dinner plates over board several times. She savors, I ju
  4. Thanks all. Good to be in a peaceful anchorage. Hi to ‘Scotty’ that stopped by. Appologize for terriers which see dinghies as invaders. May see you on shore or rowing.
  5. No one in our teacup achorage yesterday. Good spot to figure out no charge from alternator. then a text that a sister died. then the rain fell all night then the sun came out, a little. Now in NEH on a dock. Glad to see the sun again
  6. A small tri was sailing in and out of pulpit harbor last evening as other boats motored by. When the wind finally died the tri came in under torqueedo power. Lovely scene. We’re all hair shirts on sailboats, myself included. Flanking power and sailboat both ran generators for a couple hours just to cook a burger and keep a dorm sized reefer cold. but still, I never get over the feeling of effortlessly going ‘somewhere’ all on the power of the wind. Throw in a solar powered aux. at the end of the would be another notch up either way’ it’s fantastic out here
  7. No. Used to all come from corp. bros. In mass. They sold a few years and new owners dropped it. According to marinas you’ve got to transport tanks south and fill. Then there is tank inspection etc
  8. Currently? A dozen or more of us up here including Lyman / hinckley yards cannot get tanks exchanged.
  9. No CNG in maine. Closest is Tewksbury mass. And that’s hit or miss. Rockport marine had to arrange trans of bunch of tanks to Annapolis this spring.
  10. Was one of my biggest fears too. Can't explain it. I think I'm glad I wasn't using a table saw that day.
  11. I must need a vacation. Getting the boat ready on Saturday (for a Sunday am departure), I changed fuel filters, dashed into the fuel dock and topped off the 80 gallon tank, loaded blocks of ice, blew over to the public docks and filled 3 water tanks, cleaned decks, etc. etc. I could do this in my sleep (that is a bad attitude,...). All done motor out and decide to make a full speed run out into the harbor to be sure fuel filters are set, turn around and and back into the harbor, motor up to my mooring, hook it, I'm all done and set for AM departure. Then I hear the engine alarms g
  12. No telling what people like either Camden or Belfast will give you a downtown feel for a harbor town. Belfast has a more laid back 60's vibe and an interesting bohemia and art scene. Camden has a prettier harbor that's entertaining in itself if you can get a slip or floating dock in the inner harbor. The downtown is touristy but you can find interesting stuff, plus there are easily accessible hikes that have scenic views over the bay. Both less touristy than Bar Harbor and better access harbors. The west coast of Penbay, Rockland to Belfast, is about 20 nm so you can sail it an
  13. In 2020, Maine had it's first shark attack death in Harpswell. A true Jaws event, Great White shark, swimmer in wet suit, quick, brutal, over.
  14. What do you do with your old holes in an aluminum spar? Ah, wood. There's a plug cutter for every hole.
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