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  1. True, it's a charter boat. But the broad aft wedge shape I think is driven by planing. I get that and in boat sizes below say 50' or so the 'space' looks a little more manageable. 2 wheels is a thing now, needed or not. When the boats get bigger, the wheels begin to part company. Maybe these big sleds don't lurch like old sailboats, ...but go over the waves like gliders, perhaps on a cushion of air, smoothing out the ride? Or maybe the person in the middle station is a spotter for the helmsmen during tacks, like in gymnastics? I like these Solarisyachts.
  2. Good one! But it's family safe: America's Favorite Truck, Fords logo for the F150. Ok, maybe facetiously is more accurate than fondly. Fondness is hard to feel for 12 MPG around town.
  3. We refer to her fondly, as AFT. Anyone guess the origins?
  4. Do we have any sailors from Scotland, here? They have been taking a beating the last few days.
  5. Not sure, Bull. A lot of books being read onboard Sjogin but I couldn't identify Bear Island. He also has a website: http://www.sjogin.com/
  6. Winter is here, thank god! There's always an impending doom feeling, as it approaches. Storm windows, fire wood (pellets these days), weatherstripping, covering the boat. Seems we're always on the way to the hardware store, 1 mile down the road. But the tasks all come to an end, and there's nothin' left to do for it. Yup, that's it, we're done. We tried out a new restaurant for lunch in Camden, 2miles down the road. Cold on the streets, warm in your outer gear, indoors - outdoors, it all feels good if you know how to do it. There was a light dusting of snow on
  7. Do you know this boat/owner? Sails on your bay. Nice photos, words on instagram. A nice simple boat with a woodburner below. The beauty of a wood fire below in a small boat is not to survive a harsh winter (there are better heat sources for that). It is for few memorable hours listening to the crackle of the fire, and just reading a book.
  8. Even here in Maine, any awning/bimini is valuable these days. We wouldn't be able to tolerate the afternoon heat even on the water.
  9. (in Chinese thought) a system of laws considered to govern spatial arrangement and orientation in relation to the flow of energy (qi), and whose favorable or unfavorable effects are taken into account when siting and designing buildings. Imagining say blustery night on the gulf of Maine, I think not, Bull. But if I were a charterer with a good week forecast, I'd go for that design.
  10. When speed drives design, everything else goes along for the ride.
  11. Always popular with photographers, the venerable Peapod. Add a dash of Caribbean blue sprinkled on fresh cream buff, irresistible.
  12. One of my photos revealed the extent of wear on the teak decks at the chainplate cover. Original thickness still under the protection of the plate cover.
  13. At the docks on Thanksgiving day. Sangermani, Anselmi Beretti, Luglio,....not a local build. I recognize '67 vintage wood. Wide decks, 50F warm sun, would make you want to go sailing were it not so still. Someone took advantage of the off season in the shop to get a facelift. Can you get that shine on fiberglass? The painters must have placed the fenders. 1967 Italian house details: Sleek. Yawl, LOUISA is a long way from Luglio.
  14. I watched it! Fantastic, soothing, sailing, lovely family, Sparkman and Stevens, it's all there. Thanks.
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