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  1. When you said you were working remotely in NEH, I thought of the dismal internet the harbor gets. So do you do most of your work off cellular? I think I can see your boat in my mind. I remember the dark blue trawler. Nice place to spend some remote working time.
  2. In 2000 when we moved to Camden, the locals referred to it as 'Radio Free Camden', the cellular signal was so spotty. We use Verizon now and it improves all the time. Good info in these answers. I didn't know some were carrying two providers for better coverage.
  3. Between Boston and Maine, we're likely going to see more transiting boats this season than usual. There may be a new 'group' out there in 2021, the remote worker. There are a lot of 'remote' jobs between Boston and Maine, and a lot of boats. A few remote workers could make it work (my son used his $1 boat a few times to work for his Boston firm), either close to home or even cruising Maine (if they can make the tech work for them). Do we need a new signal flag to hoist? 'Working Remotely', to keep gabby cruisers at bay? How about a shabby basement office backg
  4. A Spirit yacht, cool boat. But is LIBERTINE a cool boat name? If a passing boat googles Libertine, definition #1 comes up most often: noun 1. a person, especially a man, who behaves without moral principles or a sense of responsibility, especially in sexual matters. Similar:(I can see why these synonyms were not chosen for the stern) philanderer ladies' man playboy rake roué Libertine in a Sentence My Uncle Charles is a libertine who lives with his four girlfriends. ... Because Warren is a drunken liberti
  5. HOUND still sails regularly in my neighborhood. It must have 10 cowls on dorade boxes.
  6. I think it was Eluega that posted this: Very very nice work. No soft porn, no cloying selfies, nobody eating food in their selfies, no words, just beautiful scenery, good music and, (wait for it), sailing. Unfortunately, they haven't done another.
  7. This is one of my favorites. One of the greyhounds of the sea in it's day, FIDELIO is a sistership to the famous S&S FINESTERRE. These lines were drawn in the early 50's but they still drive some new custom designs, today. I bet it caused a generational split in the S&S design office back in 1952-53 as it was,...radical in the day. Beamy to the extreme (11'6" X 38'6"). I've been told it was designed to be a "Concordia killer", the state of the art in boats at that time, racing to Bermuda. Throw in the centerboard and I wouldn't be surpris
  8. But that is a good thing, in any church.
  9. Good point. STARSONG has the raised coach and shows the extent of Nielsen's 'turn' from house side to top. Visually lowers the house height immensely while keeping a nice headroom, especially below the raised portion.
  10. One of my favorite Nielsen boats, LEVERA that was PASSAGE. I like his step coach designs.
  11. You have Sail Power by Wallace Ross. That book changed how I trim sails and ultimately how I love to sail. I once took a North Sails Gofast weekend course. It was a crashing bore. Based nearly word for word on Sail Power, I already knew that by heart.
  12. 1,000,000 views. That's not easy on Youtube. We've been having more fun now that I can round out Youtube dollars to $2.50 USD for 1 k views. As we watch a talented travel-food-history- vlogger, Mary Ann can ask, 'Tom, what have they made so far?' They made $17.50 so I think they covered that lunch that was filmed.
  13. Sorry to hear that. I had a foreboding feeling, from my own experiences and others. It's like Match.com Yeah, yeah, you are this, you are that, (says the photos), but until I see you, all bets are off.
  14. Me too,...on heaving to(both points). It's the term that is difficult, not the maneuver. I find saying it this way is less awkward; 'After furling the mainsail, I rather enjoy just sitting while the boat is,... hove to'.
  15. Back to Seal Bay on Vinalhaven Island for Ajax and other visitors: A few years ago I watched this little schooner sail off it's anchor and out through the channel. They did start the engine but only to run the windlass, and then shut it off to raise the sails. They fell off onto starboard to get settled in on the tack. Happy with the speed the bow sprit was swung through the wind onto port. It was a beautiful morning. I had been watching an Osprey picking out his breakfast in the water nearby. The schooner was making much less noise than the Osprey.
  16. Bimini's or awnings? I consider the former to be something you can sail under that has a mounted frame; the latter, something erected at anchor. Which are you talking about, Jud? LATIFA's awning. As Cisco demonstrates, neither is much good beyond 2 pm., unless it has side flaps like the awning above. This is a hot topic today (pun, inescapable). This Fountaine design was for a client down south. The bimini design was an utter eyesore to me, but understandable for the latitude. At anchor or mooring though, it will be useless after mid-afternoon.
  17. Offset router base. The router went over the ports, the offset bit plowed out the wood below the fence.
  18. I think I'm working safe with them but my boat has a 4' draft and low freeboard. But step ladders are the only thing that will fit between boats in my yard. Great for painting the topsides. Here I'm on the max setting to varnish toe rails. Staging is the key to working well. The strenuous positions I see people work on boats is startling. Get your hands where the work is and you'll smile.
  19. I don't think things have changed much. We used to get our sailing media largely, in print. Most of it arrived monthly. Editors of magazines and books, filmmakers, would pick the best material to suit their medium (cruising, sailing, racing, fettling). There were fewer sailing genre Rockstars, then, and we knew them all. Today we have Youtube. It is becoming THE sailing media outlet. Even magazines - what's left of them - are using it. We still get the rockstars and the best sailing media artists, on Youtube. But we get more from Youtube: We get the bin, too.
  20. The next afternoon, 2 hours of dry fitting the starboard side. That's a 60 year old solid fiberglass deck, original non-skid (needs it's umpteenth coat of paint). It's not quite as stiff as cored, but it's 60 years old and never had a problem. Well it did have one: Alden had to add more framing below around 1970. Must weigh a ton. Crazy idea. I have brown pigment to add to the epoxy which I'll then brush on neat, on both the gain and the patch. Then mix in some 406 filler to trowel into some of the deeper divots in the house before snapping in the patch and dr
  21. The owner of this Nielsen lent me the book. The book is well done. I like his double enders but prefer his square sterns.
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