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  1. We stretch the fall side of sailing here. October is a beautiful month on the water. The days warm up to shirt sleeve weather, a warm dry air. The light is at it's most magnificent for a camera. Most sailors leave when school starts. Once you're in the later half of October, they're all gone. Yet, you have some of the nicest weather on the water. You need a little heat in October, that's all. And a good book.
  2. Where in Ireland do you sail out of? We spent too few days driving some of your coast and inland. I was amazed by your harbors, many were man made on exposed coasts. Sailing out of Howth Harbor looked not for the meek. A constant wind blew while we were there (March 2015) that made for gale sailing as soon as you left the tiny cut. Once the season starts Howth must be a sight on a nice day as boats sail out.
  3. The Gulf of Maine is too cold in early spring. You can enjoy a beautiful warm spring day not far from the coast in Maine. But if a Southerly is blowing (prevailing), the temperature will drop 10 degrees as soon as you see the water. Get on the docks in a 10-15 knots Southerly and you'd swear it's dropped 20 degrees. Our weather IS the ocean, mostly influencing the air temperature. I don't use a thermometer to dress, I look at a nearby flag for the wind direction here on the coast. Then in fall, the opposite happens due to the ocean still holding summers energy. Amazing place t
  4. You can pick your project, time, location and pretty much your fee, right now. I have people scheduling projects to start in 2024. If you are a licensed plumber, we'll give you a house on the sea if you'll do a couple bathrooms a year. We have no skilled labor reserve.
  5. Thanks, I put that in my Queue. The watch later library on Youtube is a good tool. I've learned not subscribe until I've seen enough work from a channel.
  6. I saw the beached boat above so this looked the place. I took it off the Wooden boat FB group and liked the words. From an Italian site of some kind, Pesce Volante: May 13, 2020 ยท Raramente mi soffermo a guardare le mie mani. Dopo tanti anni e tante cose, le guardo e mi stupisco di avere ancora tutte e quante le dita. Quante corde strette, quanti legni impugnati, quante poche carezze; sempre troppo poche. Sono mani grandi, forti, ora incallite ed ancora con la loro morsa.
  7. All the cautions are warranted. But I should say I've stopped at Isle of Shoals several times overnight (10?), and never had a problem with weather or finding a vacant mooring. Even anchored there on my first trip to Maine over 30 years ago. It's a destination itself if only for the setting. It has some bizarre history. A sullen place to me but naturally magnificent. It has a strange religious background that imposes some restrictions on where you can go ashore. As a nonbeliever, that's sort of an invitation to me. Despite an open feeling to the anchorage, we've be
  8. Remember when the great nut to crack was, "How can I cruise on my sailboat and make a living?" Answer 2021: Get a job you can work remotely. Duh
  9. Everything we 'knew' a year ago, is changed. From Manhattan to my little town on the coast of Maine, it's all in flux. Trends are no longer assured. Better to think outside of the old boxes, I think. Buy the boat now, that's my hunch. It will go up. Don't sell your house, you'll regret it. Don't buy office space. Go cruising as soon as you can. That's probably one old idea that hasn't changed.
  10. Two man-buns on a foredeck seems excessive for New England. Seattle,...maybe.
  11. Just plain lazy jacks with a regular sail cover: Mine came from the local hardware store. I thought of it just as a mock up but it has become the finish product. Ingredients: 1/4" 3 strand, 2 tiny cheek blocks, 1/4" thimbles, 2 cleats, 6 eye straps. Deployed: Stowed: The one mistake was to mount the turning blocks at the spreaders. They needed to be raised about 5' above, but I don't think you can mount that block too high with a long footed main (too low is usually recommended.) Other realizations: In use, the legs are not tightened when deployed, I lea
  12. I hate to critique the master but why not shove an egg-banjo in - first, heat, then place on the Treadmaster. All that scraping works up an appetite. The algorithm will collect views from the foodie group(plus your heat may last longer).
  13. I think so. Some must be surprised to see wood, all but doomed in boatbuilding decades ago, to now be in the cutting edge, state of the art designs. But just because wood composite is now a design tool (for good reasons), you don't have to see it to know that. But like a log cabin, somebody always wants a bright hulled sailboat. Remember FOGGY?
  14. One of the best things about this area (there must a billion of those ), forget the OPEN ROADSTEAD anchorage you'll deal with coastal cruising up and down the east coast. I can't really think of an area between Southern Maine and Canada that you'll have to deal with vigorous anchor watches, sleepless nights or getting the hang of sleeping in 15 to 20 knots of wind. Weather for coastal sailing is easy and accurate to get today, especially here. If an 'event' finds you up here, this is a good place to seek shelter from a big blow. Just plan ahead each day to be in a sheltered
  15. Good reminder! My neighbors kids were manning the ice cream stand last year. Last season we went into Browns to pay for our mooring. The kid watching the place looked distraught. He was afraid he'd miss getting a sandwich across the street before they closed. Mary Ann said, "Oh honey, go ahead, we'll watch the store". He didn't hesitate and bolted out the door. Here it is: About 5 minutes later, Foy Brown, the owner came in. I asked him if he needed anything. He looked at me unfazed and went out in the shop to fix something. He sort of knows us as regul
  16. Favorite destinations: Just 10 watery miles from where I type, North Haven Island is one of our favorite spots. North Haven is a small island, little more than 2 miles long and a mile wide. But it is a ragged island; if you walked the coastline you'd tread a 48 mile circumnavigation. To explore the island's coast under sail (which you can), you'd need at least a few days. But if time is short, just visit North Haven, the small village inside the Fox Island Thoroughfare. Pick up a mooring at JO Browns boatyard(the buoys are marked JOBrown). $25, pay inside, whenever(if you
  17. The most perfect H 12 1/2, of any size, I've ever seen.
  18. The traveler/wheel contraption almost looks like a prototype. I see a few exposed fasteners. Maybe it's a bad idea waiting for reality to say so? It appears to mount to the coamings (come off with minimal damage). The cockpit sole looks partly removable, no room for a wheel. Is a tiller that un-cool? There seems to be a different racing culture around the classic sailboat genre. A more understated flash, sort of,... I think. This is a cool boat but it's state of the art days are over. This teak doesn't change that. Still, there is that excitement and racing vibe in these raci
  19. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
  20. Back to what's between Boston and Maine. Be sure to bring a good book.
  21. When people really want one, they make them fit. Way overkill but they probably have quite a story to tell.
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