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  1. I'm guessing its Medalia committing to another race with Pip and funding for a new (to her) boat.
  2. Curious - Boris seems to have pulled his hydrogenerators and has been solar only for the last 24 hours. Can anyone who knows more explain why he'd do that? IT's unlikely that he damaged both of them, so maybe he doesn't want to deal with a tiny bit of drag? https://exocet.cloud/grafana/d/bsbc_5MGz/malizia-public-dashboard?orgId=15&from=now-24h&to=now&theme=dark&kiosk&refresh=5m
  3. you need to write a book, or do a video, or a podcast - share more of your seriously amazing stories, thanks for sharing bits here
  4. My raw water cooled 1GM10 was the most reliable engine I've owned
  5. Great question. An alarm for "oh crap I see an ice berg"?
  6. That smell of diesel sloshing around will be with the boat for a long time... I'm nauseous thinking about it
  7. our Soverel 27 as reference
  8. The goal is to push the wedges down so that they secure the bottom of the keel from side to side. Over pushing doesn't really achieve anything except bending the rods - they'll bow out if over tightened.
  9. We had a 1987 Soverel 27 and absolutely loved it. Well built by Tartan, well designed by Mark. Sailed like a champ in light air, held it's own as it got heavier. The 1GM10 with raw water cooling was a champ/super easy to maintain. The in-line rig with checkstays never gave us a challenge - and that was sometimes sailing with 2 kids under 3, and other times racing with 4-5 guys. The check stays were nice to use for main shape, but not mission critical.
  10. It's easy enough to raise the keel to service the keel wedges while the boat is floating, just be sure you do it in flat water. You don't want the keel banging around in wind/waves. We used the factory supplied tri-pod a few times. Easy.
  11. We never had any water coming up thru the kelp cutter hole - I think you need to track that down - something isn't right. On #71 the keel didn't move in the keel box, but the keel box does wiggle a bit from side to side in a big chop - it's a e-glass boat so totally normal (and a bit uncomfortable to see!). This was 9 seasons on Long Island Sound - we took it from 2 knots of breeze to 35 knots on flat water, chop, large rollers and everything in between. We loved the boat.
  12. Hmm, that's weird. We had no kelp cutter slot cut in the front of the keel, and the top hole in the keel plate for the kelp cutter was always open (for 8 seasons nothing came up). Our keel was dry, so nothing/no water came up.
  13. These are super important questions - get someone who knows the boat to show you what bolts mean what. Roughly from memory you've got 3 sets of bolts: 1. 4 at the corners that bolt the keel plate to the boat. This is important. 2. 4 smaller bolts that don't normally go flush on the top of the keel plate - these push rods down into the keel wedges that stabilize the lower part of the keel from side to side. If you just keep screwing these down you bend the rods and have to start over. A wobbly keel is not a good thing. 3. x bolts that hold the top keel plate to the top of the
  14. I thought about going to 2:1 for years with #71 and wound up never doing it. Now, we don't have the same wind here that zks has in SFO, so the 2:1 may be a requirement there. For us, we regularly sail in 5-15, once each summer up to 25-30. Using 5/16" covered Warpspeed 1:1 had manageable stretch (after we got the creep out). To zks' questions though: we never had a problem going up the mast on the spin halyard; if you're going with 2:1 I'd say yes, luggage tag the halyard at the top - on the mast crane - there should be a pin in there aft of the luff track, then run the halyard tail do
  15. sadly it probably means Spring 2021 is cancelled too. And, the sailing part is probably one of the safest places you can be, but the problem of bathrooms, vans, weight rooms, etc. all make it more risky.
  16. I can dig out our IRC cert for #71 if that is helpful - we measured into an absurd 1.123. That was a huge F-you so we only used it once.
  17. Who was your best coach? What is your favorite regatta memory, why? What really pisses you off in the sport?
  18. I don't know the 33-2, but I know the 34 from 1983-85 vintage. If space is an issue I think the 34 is a touch bigger but with other tradeoffs. There are a ton of 34s on the market, some have been well maintained / repowered, and might be worth a look. I know there is one listed in the classifieds here that is as mint as a 1983 boat can be. PM me if interested.
  19. Don't forget the bug spray and fly swatters...
  20. Take your time, visit each club - everyone will be happy to host you (and if not - well, then you know it wasn't right). LIS has a gift of proximity - many great clubs, each with their own character of junior sailing, handicap racing, offshore, and one-design, plus varying mixes of pools/restaurants/tennis...
  21. Nice - so they're sewing/laminating in the equivalent of a cable - nice progress, looks like my sails are more than a year old...
  22. Show me a pic of a boat bigger than 30' with a no-cable zero and carrying decent tension. I've never seen that. Now, if you're exclusively talking about "small sport boats", at some point I'm sure you could build the luff strong enough to carry the tension, but I don't know how small your toy is.
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