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  1. Maybe it's a safety feature? "The upper storey will fold over and plunge into the lake long before the boat capsizes. We designed it that way. It's like one of them sacrificial tails on a lizard."
  2. Double-decker pontoon boat in Fort Collins. Capacity, the ad claims, of eighteen persons. Now imagine that boat, with ten people upstairs, when one of Colorado's 70mph wind events blows thru....
  3. Need to start paying your bookie, man. Gangland BC is polite, but they know what a hookeroon is for.
  4. It does. http://legaciesofwar.org/resources/books-documents/land-of-a-million-bombs/ A planeload every eight minutes, for nine years. One ton for every man, woman, and child.
  5. Yep. Born and raised in New York. Where the dance is The Hustle, and the only way to reach a lungful of air is to stand on someone else's head. It's quiet out here. Time runs differently.
  6. That is cool! Well, cool in a very uncool way. Like, "The B-52s killed granduncle's whole family, but he did get some fish ponds out of the deal."
  7. That's very kind. But... I know I really have it in me. That's precisely why I won't do it. I twice declined a fully-subsidized law career for the same reason. At some point, you find yourself sending innocents to death row or freeing serial killers or shielding fucking Monsanto because you are really ace at guiding the minds of twelve people too honest or too stupid to avoid jury duty. "Them's breaks in an adversarial legal system, bitches!" It was great fun manipulating college professors, scoring top grades and winning awards for poetry and literary criticism by sussing what they want
  8. One has degrees in English and poetry writing, but one builds things from wood because it pays one better than writing. This is a bad time to gig out as a freelancer, or to look for staff positions with newspapers & magazines. My partner runs a small publishing imprint and has also written and edited perhaps ten books for other publishers, still in print. There's great amusement opening the royalty checks that arrive every six months. "It's from (Famous) University Press -- ooh, you made $4.33!" Writing, successfully, for a living, requires a degree of narrow-eyed cynicism that makes
  9. He's basically your dentist. Inflicting pain for your own long-term good. "Open your mouth and quit yer whining!" That's why the waiting room sucks so hard. (This is beautiful. )
  10. 100 tokens: see actual 'crowning' (Looking for vomit emoji. Why is there no vomit emoji on this site?)
  11. Also, bring your own reading material. All God has is 5-year old Sports Illustrated and Good Housekeeping magazines.
  12. Yep, that's what everyone says. We are looking to truck it to the west coast and enter MX by sea -- even tho it's almost exactly the same distance by road to Penasco. Many people have described the land-transport nightmare, at least from the US --> MX. Like, you have to permanently import the boat, with taxes and residency requirements and ... whooo. However bureaucratic the TIP process has become the past few years, it is supposed to be a cakewalk compared to bringing a boat in overland. Plus, I want to sail down the coast. Up it, not so much. It's the clipper route for me!
  13. "TBF, I did go looking for my ideal woman at the bottom of a bottle." -- Larry Hagman, probably
  14. Could have been worse. Could have been Brisbane. Little Dardar shall just have to find a stropping chum called Huxley to defend him. And Stachelena must name the new tri Beagle.
  15. The cash flow typically runs the other direction: we underwrite the orthodontist's boat.
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