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  1. Train in Vain was another radio-friendly song off London Calling. Clash had range. And Guy Stevens was a hell of a producer, while he lasted. It's not selling out if the finished product is excellent. Some people hated Bowie for Let's Dance (including, sometimes, Bowie himself). He dipped his toe into dance pop, did it better than anyone else for a record or two, got Iggy paid, then went back to more interesting projects. Heh. I remember all the indie fans slagging AC Newman for letting VW (and University of Phoenix, blech) use the coda from The Bleeding Heart Show in one of their ads. H
  2. Artist's oils are also useful with epoxies. I use them for knot stabilization in rustic woods in my cabinet shop. Stir up your epoxy first, then add pigment.
  3. "Grak have coamings. Grak! You fancy fancy boy."
  4. Not according to most sources, including Per Brohall. From Wiki:
  5. Albin Vega has a slight reverse sheer. No one's idea of a looker, tho.
  6. I've spent a great deal of time in bear country, grizz and blackie, and camped within a stone's toss of cougar dens (found out later). Never fretted it too much, and never carried defense stronger than a ski pole and the largest available can of pepper spray. If that saves me, fine. If not? Fair enuf. I feel no urge to visit the arctic. If I want -40 and screaming winds, there is the front yard in January. But should I ever, I'd shoulder a gun. Remember: the polar bear has the option to not attack me. In which case, we'll coexist in perfect peace.
  7. Doesn't seem like a carry that gives you quick access to the gun. https://www.ruckformiles.com/guides/how-do-soldiers-carry-their-rifles/ Polar bears give no fucks. Their philosophy: If it moves, it's lunch. They are 1000x more likely to kill you than a grizzly. Many arctic residents will carry non-lethal deterrents like noisemakers or capsicum spray or a rubber slug chambered in a shotgun. But the second load is lead. I'm a vegetarian with an abiding love for wild beasts, including apex predators. But if I ever step outside in white bear country, it's with a gun cl
  8. Lots of Hanseatic traders, some Anglo/Scots voyagers, really got serious in the 15th and 16th centuries. Most were after amber, furs, timber, ivory (walrus, narwhale), and (eventually) a northern route to China. They followed the "coast hop using previous rutter, pump a native for information, cache food & supplies for the next year, fight your way back to Europe" strategy. Many learned to their sorrow that the return journey against autumn westerlies was impossible, that pack ice is a thing, and that overwintering off Svalbard sucks. You listen to the ice crushing your hull while white be
  9. I don't ... hate it. But the spacing looks like eyelets on a leather shoe. Some draftsman just ticked the quarter points and stuck four ports in. What if the aftmost light was replaced with an nice 16" oval? Dash-dot-dot-dot.
  10. Not my idea, alas. IIRC some mobo people in, like, the San Juans have been known to float across channels with the trailer slung under the boat. Public ramp matches with Doug's DIY ethos. You know that old saying: If you want something done right, best do it yourself. True. But. If you want something done wrong, perhaps spectacularly wrong, the same advice applies. Professionals with certs to protect (or marine operators with equity in the game) view launching Seeker as pure downside. They're like, "Yeeeeaaahhh .... no. Hard no." If ever a boat deserved a bunch of amateurs half-assi
  11. Public boat ramp and a wrecker? Just weld on a steerable pair of front wheels, unpin the trailer, and winch it down the ramp until it floats off. Hell, leave the trailer strapped/welded to the boat. Not likely to detract from performance, and it makes hauling out easier. We've all seen dumber shit done at public boat launches, and if you give a tow truck driver enuf money, beer, and liability waivers, they tend to be game for anything.
  12. What's the backstay arrangement on Mist? Removable runners, B&R rig? It is a nice looker from this angle. Sharp corners bother me more as stress concentrators than bruise generators, but I could dunt myself in a coracle. Many of those crisp angles may be generously filleted underneath, where we can't see.
  13. That's one reason I seeded the video on this forum. Sucks that some businesses are only motivated by damage control, but sometimes those people need a little ahem-there's-water-in-your-bilge wakeup. "Hole." {points} "Bucket." {hands} "Bail." BTW, Nikki & Jason used a similar tactic to help a fellow boater who was dying of cancer and couldn't get a particular medication. The pharma company, hearing themselves named and shamed, went out of their way to get him the meds.
  14. "The ebb, Joseph. For crying out loud, the ebb!"
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