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  1. The outhaul attachment on the end of the boom (rigged through the clew back to an eye) looks a bit extraneous. Why force the outhaul line 180 degrees around the clew of the main? That will be loaded up, and end up rubbing right through the line.
  2. 4 J111s in PHRF1 at BLOCK - lets hear some feedback.......
  3. Main reefed - so its likely they needed a reef to keep her on her feet upwind prior to flipping over to get the downwind footage? So she can't stay on her feet in 20 knots? Just pouring a bit of kerosene on the embers here....
  4. No offense but I can see why you're a boat salesman and not a rocket scientist. To discount performance opinions with sales figures wouldn't even fly in high-school debating mate, it's not the same topic. Lada's are slow but people bought 'em. Maybe about 10 people on the planet have sailed a J111 granted but I have faith there are lots of experienced nerds on the site who crunch key performance indicators (SA/Displ, chute size, upwind SA, LWL, BWL, draft, disp:ballast, etc.) and current J-Boat owners who can do some reasonable extrapolation of this coupled with the pictures they saw. I kn
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