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  1. some admin updates boostripe aka troglodytarum aka barnacle balls aka nottruewind aka other socks has been perma-flicked. he was warned to not come back as all his previous socks have been banned too. cal20sailor has been given a 2 week timeout for outing another member using a real name and for making threats. after seeing the shitshow that this thread turned into quickly, i can see why scot gave up on pa.
  2. i just emailed both of his accounts. hoping he responds soon.
  3. did you get my pm? confirm you are white lightning or white lightnin'
  4. let me see what I can do. hang on. and VWAP if you keep posting that shit I might have to break out the ban hammer. i haven't used in a while and im itching to whack someone with it.
  5. Woody is going to go sit in a corner for a week for being an ass and spamming the board. A few times is somewhat funny. ^^ ^^ was not.
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