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  1. JLC talks to Seguin via VHF. Plenty of info there. There are french subtitles, auto-translate should work.
  2. Omia Was launched in 2007. Same as Hubert/Yes We Cam (JLC), Pure Best Western (Romain), V&B Mayenne (Maxime), Stark (Ari) and Groupe Setin (Manuel) Older than Omia are Companie du lit (2006), Campagne de France (2006), Merci (2005), One Planet One ocean (2000), Medallia (1999) and TSE-4myPlanet (1998) There are more competitors in this race than you think Still, a very good race by Benjamin for sure.
  3. You can't do one of those as an IMOCA, it's prohibited by the rules:
  4. The videos of JLC explanations have been edited, I guess for length. The audio clip on the audio page however is not edited and contains additional details I haven't seen anywhere else (8minutes and 29s long). First of all when JLC saw KE in his life raft he was with two reefs, no head sails and not slow enough. He was close enough to tell KE he was coming back. He lost sight not because he started the engine, but because he had to take another reef. Then he came back 5 times to the site but failed to locate the raft in the decreasing light and huge waves. He then continued to search
  5. Haha. That's a good one: Destremau teleports into 3rd place…
  6. Sodebo and Gitana left last night for a try at the Jules Verne Trophy. Is there a place where one can see both the VG and the record attemps on one map?
  7. His handheld camera apparently has a button he needs to triple click to make it rotate 180°. Every times he uses it he says “clacclacclac”…
  8. Main work is the support of the main traveller, the whole support was cracked and needed to be reconnected and reinforced. The main went back to the North loft for repairs (has a tear from uncontrolled jybes). Add some replacement hardware: rudder (they had one in stock), a runner, and some faulty aerials.
  9. WTF is Destremau doing? Maybe he thinks he's aboard a 59er?
  10. I would have expected her instrument to be in English, not French… I’m French but I always resets my instruments in english if I have a choice! Anyway: “gîte” means heel, as you surmised.
  11. The 24h averages are starting to go up for the ones in front!
  12. Gabart said that he didn't have enough time for the VR, but still wanted to do it, so he's doing it with his team: they are taking turns at controlling the boat.
  13. If the boat is repairable I suspect he will restart, trying to go for the 70 days record (or whatever record is eventually set by the current fleet)
  14. Wow. Louis Burton on BVII is in full carbon repair mode, a bulkhead is seriously cracked… Plus a leaking keel ram, his hands are full for a while.
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