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  1. Buddy has a stack pack. It was constantly a PITA. He bitched to the sailmaker and was told to just let the halyard go when dropping it. It does seem to do a better job of flaking when he starting to do that.
  2. This boat is just down the way from me. It is very interesting for sure. Not in bad condition really...just a lot going on. They keep their slip tidy and are good neighbors I hear.
  3. I have a couple of these. Pretty cool idea. https://www.fisheriessupply.com/seabung-breach-control-plug/seabung https://www.svb24.com/en/seabung-emergency-plug.html I saw in the Fix-it threads about securing floorboards. Someone mentioned heavy duty velcro...sounded crazy but maybe there is something to that. I use velcro to mount picture frames and such to the bulkheads. That shit is sticky and it can be a bitch to get the frame off the wall.
  4. I'm off at 2300. I check in on them. You might be right!
  5. I agree as well. If I see the owner this weekend I'll ask. I'm just showing what is out there...
  6. Finally got around to getting pictures of this install. This J40 is on my dock. Not sure of the wattage but a pretty nice install if you don't have a tower of power. They lift off as far as I can tell. I have seen the boat without them on so...
  7. Never really could figure a way to elegantly fly the burgee off the masthead without it being permanently mounted there.
  8. I got in trouble for flying mine off the spreader...I get it. Tradition.
  9. Was it a C&C 34+? I thought I cleared out all my supplies from my bout with rectal cancer...
  10. I have recently upgraded all my solar. I knew my controller and panels were older but I was surprised by how much more power I got by updating. I was using a 2013 Blue Sky Solar Boost 2000e MPPT controller hooked to two Kycero 140W panels (same vintage) in parallel. I kept the Solar Boost and hooked it to my "roving" 100W Renogy semi-flex panel. I replaced the Kycero with two 200W Renogy and also got a Victron 100/50 controller. HUGE improvement in performance. More than double (almost triple) the amps in. Intrigued, I bought a Victron 75/30 and hooked it to the "roving" 100W
  11. Yeah. I seriously considered it. Just like the look of wood down below. I was never considered "smart".
  12. Chunderbeast! Yeah, my boat won't surf but we did 200 mile days with no problem. She is surprisingly fast in the light air as well. I love my boat. I can't afford not to. Does most everything right for me. Wauquiez and interior varnish. Grrrrrrrr. The yard used this Beeswax coating to give the wood a honey color. When you try to repair an area with damage that goes through the wax and the varnish, the wood turns the typical darker color of teak. So the repaired area is very noticeable. You have to take the finish down to bare wood and then refinish it. Otherwise it looks
  13. I bought a used one off craigslist last year and have been contemplating the exact same thing. I have a 42' that weighs around 28,000. I have been flying it off my Rocna rollbar but only in non-sporty conditions. When running dead downwind, I'll drop the main. Of course, this is cruising config not racing. Flying the main, I can get about 140 or so. I have the Rocna secured with lines so as to not spool out 320' of chain and sink the whole damn setup. I'd like to get a prod but... These pictures don't really add much to the discussion but I'm trapped at the hospital right now
  14. Done this trip three times. Got my ass handed to me twice and the other time had refuel in Crescent City... My first time down was in a Tartan 37. Sunny skies and howling wind. We were about 100-150 miles away from Skip Allan when he scuttled Wildflower. https://www.latitude38.com/lectronic/special-edition-skip-allan-scuttles-wildflower/ The seas were...unreal. When people write about mountains of water, I know what that looks like. Lee just sold my buddy's Freeport and also sold him his new to him Saga 43. Nice guy!
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