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  1. Almost nothing beats otter shit...comes out of them like a firehose! They are cute but soooo messy.
  2. I just went for a sail on one of these last week! Nice sailing boat. Buddy just had it shipped from the East Coast to Seattle last year. He had a Freeport 36. Rebuilt that entire boat and then got a Saga.
  3. Rick on Sailing Sophisticated Lady just put an ePropulsion outboard on his dinghy. He installed the wrong pitch prop. Painful to watch him put the bimini on the dinghy (him man-splaining everything) but that outboard motor is pretty cool. Not fast enough for me (among other issues)...daughter has discovered water-skiing! For what it is worth...
  4. I believe it is this boat. https://www.sailboatlistings.com/view/92580 Word around the campfire is the seller didn’t disclose the hurricane accident but I’m getting that third hand. Supposedly has receipts and a ton of info about the repair. Not sure if Issywa getting any traction on that though. He seems to be jinxed when it comes to buying boats. Never seen anyone get screwed over by brokers like.
  5. John Sanford is my guy. Really good but in demand...
  6. I saw the boat as well last month. Didn't really see anything wrong other than the water damage in the aft cabin area and the walk through. Looked like standing water caused that damage but it wouldn't be a deal breaker for me. I was not a big fan of the stern though. You will be paying for 5 extra feet of slip space for, really, no additional storage in the boat. Funky layout as well but kinda cool. Not much headroom up front but if you looked at the boat then you this already. Good luck with the sale!
  7. Heading to Hawaii and playing the sink draining game after doing dishes! I have a pump on the sink now when we are sailing.
  8. No matter the sink shape on my Wauquiez 42, if you are heeling to port anything over 10 degrees, you will fill up your freezer, fridge, etc. My waterline is about 6 inches below the sink drain. My kids have several jobs aboard the boat, the most important one is to close both head thru-hulls and that damn sink thru-hull!!
  9. Don't forget about the Pacific NW. Charter a boat in Anacortes and do the San Juan Islands. Quite a bit to see and all in the US. I'd book early judging by how many charter boats I saw out there this summer...
  10. I see your problem. Hmmm. My buddy has a Saga 43 with, again, another Rocna. His bow roller is truly weird to handle that anchor because of the sprit. His looks something like this one. This pic looks like that anchor is not really snugged up. Buddy's boat has extensions on his. This probably doesn't help though. Way different setup compared to yours. I walked the marina for days till I saw an idea that I could use.
  11. For my Rocna, I had two extensions with little feet made for my bow roller. Fairly cheap.
  12. Sorry for the delay. No internet for a bit while out in the San Juan’s.
  13. I see Steve has posted some photos. I have a bunch but I'll refrain since he did it already. Can't see what is what posting with a damn phone
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