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  1. Thanks again for everyones views. I have talked to olympic sailors carrying an extra 100 kg sponsor person on N17 without any problem eccept slightly higher take off speed (I ment to put 40-50 kg earlier). Extra weight is not ideal to any boat I guess. Extra loads, and possible breakage is worse then slightly lower speed. Does anybody know someone witexperience with the FP Essentiel?
  2. Thanks for your views F18 Sailor. The non-foiling option we have considered is both F18 and Tornado. Rebuildt with winglets. The foiling experience is more a «feeling» thing, and the challenge, rather then the need for speed to get ther quickley. Obviously, we don´t want to push it to far, and we are probobly close to this limit. For referance I can tell you the RS Aero definately is weight-sensitive. All my camping, photography, food and gear weighed 30 kg. I tried to place all of it in the midle, which made the boat unsailable. Half of it in the back made the difference. We aim at 40-40 kg i
  3. Thanks for your views. A converted N17 is a good option. I still wonder if the Essentiel is a more stabile boat for cruising.
  4. Allso considering: The FP Essensielle stands without support of a builder as the production is out. Spare parts will have to be made to specifications.
  5. Foiling through the beautiful coast of Norway! I have been cruising along the Norwegian coast for 49 days in a RS Aero. Now I am stepping up with a friend to cruise the same area in a foiling beach cat. We are considering several boats, most likely Nacra 17 (rebuilt with wings) or Flying Phantom Essensielle. Nacra 20 FCS also seems to be a possible option. I have only tried Nacra 17 (C and Z foils) and Flying Phantom Elite. Nacra 17 with C-foils was extremely nervous. The Z-foil version seems more stabile, but the pro's still wander all over the boat to keep it running well. The Norwegian coas
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