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  1. Is this what you are looking for? Bermuda Sail Grand Prix | Results | SailGP Bermuda Sail Grand Prix | SailGP or in old URLs https://sailgp.com/news/bermuda-season-2-results/ https://sailgp.com/news/recap-live-coverage-bermuda-sail-grand-prix/ Mariantic
  2. Not lurking, reading. I joined in 2007. Made all of 12 posts since. But I read the forum every day sometimes several times a day. There is sometimes interesting stuff here - I look forward to more of it as we get closer to the Cup. Contributing? probably not. Anyone here remember Chuck's forum? Was it AC2007? Stingray you were there were you not? Diane? That was a friendly place to post... Mariantic
  3. https://sailinganarchy.com/2019/08/26/american-tragic/?_ga=2.178361508.127378148.1565193578-1251495932.1533227475 Penske Truck and Plastic Chair - must be Photoshop Mariantic
  4. Surely the other Challs will want a round - at least BAR will want one in the Solent and NYYC one in Newport. This IS the America's Cup!
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