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  1. And anyone seen one of these in the flesh? Looks very practical, maybe a bit heavy? Im quite interested in a kit. https://www.journeymandinghy.com/#&gid=1&pid=2
  2. I see the PT11 is now available again, this time from CLC
  3. His job is to drive the boat. I don't care if he mumbles nursery rhymes during the interviews, as long as he is winning!
  4. Possie = position. so miss his favourite spot, not his band of followers (posse)
  5. I have done a little 2 handed racing, and we hand steer basically all of the time, aside from light downwind and kite drops and peels. Sure, I dont have a vendee level autopilot, but the advantage CYCA sees is almost definitely not there for 99% of competitors.
  6. Comments? What bunch of horseshit. CYCA is still in the dark ages, not liking change. Dont most events allow two handed entrants to get results alongside fully crewed? We do here in NZ anyway.
  7. Where are you at the moment? Do you needs new rods shipped?
  8. When I sailed 12' skiffs a looooong time ago we used to use cable ties to attach the foot straps, the theory being they would break before an ankle. We had some epic crashes, but did not manage to break the cable ties or ankles!
  9. Very random comment, but are any of the kiwis on here involved in the Course Marshal volunteer program? This thread seemed the best place to ask. I am, wondering if anyone was.
  10. https://emirates-team-new-zealand.americascup.com/en/news/446_EMIRATES-TEAM-NEW-ZEALAND-ANNOUNCES-NEW-HUAWEI-P40-SPONSORSHIP.html?fbclid=IwAR1WhknVh_x-Aoc_lVZ9BhuCdKJ9EiMNSdZxNp7ZTVfKo_piwxXq22YaPxI
  11. Start of White Island Race last year (3 weeks before it blew up). Live Sail Die photo (I have purchased also)
  12. I agree. The vest is extremely visible when bright side out. Has got me a few comments. But yeah the black jackets seem the wrong colour. Goes for a lot of wet weather gear too, why is hard to find dayglo orange jackets? That would be my choice, I have black and gray. Who thinks that is a good idea...?
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