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  1. Hard to find J/80's West Coast but I am looking for one. Anyone out there selling? Drew 415-543-7333
  2. I'm wasn't asking for permission...I was asking for plans/lines/drawings. I found those. I know I don't need permission but I'm always willing to listen to contrarian viewpoints for perspective.
  3. This is SO much easier than the 3 restos I did on the 78' 1933 Brigantine Rendezvous (interior shot of our work here)...but she sunk and HAD to have it to be put back into USCG passenger service. Doing the Deck resto on the SC50 was a bit of labor too but that turned out awesome and was very much worth it, income wise (she's a USCG passenger vessel) Production tool ($40K+) isn't necessary so we'll go female tool. We're likely to spend $10-12K on this but amortized over 3 boats, it's not bad. If we are careful, the tool should last 4+ boats and if it does we'll likely pull another part fro
  4. That builder is in SoCal and builds a lot of boats! $9k per deck...tooling is the bugaboo.
  5. $8-9k plus tooling. The BOM is under 3K so we are looking for a space in Half Moon Bay to build these.
  6. Yes...they displace the same but IMHO, the SC 27 is a much more spry boat and once again IMHO, a better built boat. J/world didn't put outboards on J/80's as it allowed Wayne to use instructors who were not USCG certified. It was a great workaround...something we couldn't do at South Beach Harbor...at least safely... as we're at the upwind side of a long windward/leeward fairway. Yes, like I said the 80 is a great boat. I love sailing them as I do the J/105 I own...we looked at two that we were going to buy...both had serious gelcoat crazing all over them as is pretty common. They a
  7. C26 is great concept....poorly executed IMHO. Balance is all wrong...though that could be designed around. Franky the C26 isn't half the boat the SC27 is...once again IMHO. The SC27i will be a MUCH better instructional platform! Beneteau came out with a 26 footer that they developed specifically for teaching in conjunction with the ASA...not a good Bay boat at all. They could have done a REALLY nice boat had they listened to the focus groups. I would have bought six of them. https://www.beneteau.com/us/news/learn-sail-beneteau#
  8. Both boats have tiny cockpits...not what we need to teach sailing.
  9. J80's typically sell for $20K+ (no trailer) There's rarely any for sale in the Cali and shipping them is $$. We looked hard at the 80. I've sailed a few and on the Bay in 25+ they are a bit of a beast. The 27 is SO much easier to sail for newbies. Not sure about the set-on-fire comment. We've done more to keep SC 27's viable than any single person out there. We've bought and sold boats over the past 40 years on the fluctuations of the sailing school markets needs. We've looked long and hard at what boats might fill this void, for reasonable dollars. J/80's aren't that with the aforemen
  10. We're sensitive to the fleet. They are awesome boats. Sadly ever year or so, one gets cut up and dumped...last year happening at Richmond Yacht Club. We use these as a tool and teach a shitload of people how to sail on them. I can't think of a better legacy than that for such a venerable design as the 27. We're just trying to do a better job of teaching an increasingly more difficult set of demographics how to sail. My school is 40 years old this year. I've not got a lot left in me but what I do have, I'd like to do it well and good while building something that works for the task and will, i
  11. I agree...the 27's are an incredible boat. We had 6 of them at one time. We bought all the 27's from Cal maritime. They are a hard-to-find combination of quality, cost, performance and 'cool.' Even though COVID is gutting my business, I'll fight to the last day to keep my SC 50 for the very same reasons.
  12. New build is roughly $40k plus tooling....I wish sailing schools could make that kind of $$
  13. We need a longer cockpit, particularly during COVID for social distancing during classes. We defiantly do not need virtually any cabin space but the cuddy will work well and retain the stiffness from the furniture tabbings.
  14. Too heavy, monster rig, build quality was inconsistent, need huge motor, too big (berthing).... 27 is a bomber boat. Fits the bill nicely and will be more affordable in the long run than 80's even doing the decks.
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