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  1. We had a '74 50 sloop. The 43 and 50 were part of the MKII series introduced in the early 70's. So if you look at the 50 you will see a 43, only longer. We cruised the boat for a year in the Caribbean with the entire family - mom, dad and two daughters 11/7 years old. It was a good cruising boat, sea kindly, would point at about 40 to 45 degrees depending on conditions, was fast on a reach, and fitted out for livable space below (for our purpose it had three sleeping cabins). It's biggest issue was toe rail and port leaks. These were correctable but it was a not an insignificant amount o
  2. Doesn't Melges know? They sold the trailers
  3. There is also Bluewater Books in Ft Lauderdale - official charts for $20.70 per chart. They have both official and private charts. Site is easy to use and they have free shipping. Have always found Fawcetts expensive.
  4. Have been in the Sound on a trip north from Florida for Hurricane Season, and took the opportunity to cruise the eastern end of the Sound, the fishtail area and Block Sound/Newport. and saw them. Guess we were just lucky.
  5. Impossible to keep water out of that area. The comment about removing the floor is right on, all the older boats have removed the floor since they discontinued the floor early on.. Get a grinder with a cutoff wheel and remove the floor (obviously carefully), then sand down the hard foam you will find underneath, then sand down the edges of the surrounding fiberglass furniture and glass over the gap. You can paint or not as you wish. Then get it remeasured. Will not lose that much weight, so will still be within the measurement rule.
  6. Have done the IC a few times on a number of boats (Mile 0 to Florida, various ending ports) the standard height is 65', but there are some known "issue" bridges. The various ICW guides have the bridges with the actual heights. The chart shows 1 bridge at 60' when it is 65. I have always found the height boards helpful. The poster is correct that some of the lower board are covered by growth, and can be difficult to read, but the boards are in 2 foot increments and so by just knowing the starting height you can read the present height. Those few bridges that do not have boards are never a
  7. When you are done, no need to wait. We did ours and replaced the lens in place. As for the gasket - Plastimo has a glue to use with it, but I believe any inflatable repair glue will work.
  8. Seems like you chose the easiest of all - an airplane. Not sure what your story has to do with the Thorny Path or for that matter Jimmy Cornel's Ocean Passages. Too bad about the chartered boat though.
  9. Not everyone has forgotten how to sail up wind, but they have not bought Island Packets, they have bought catamarans. They are much more spacious and comfortable a anchor. There are two “theories” about how to get from the East Coast to the Eastern Caribbean - the offshore approach and the Island hopping approach. Both start with respect for the Trade Winds and the sea state they develop which can make going to weather an excruciating exercise for both the boat and crew. Beating into 25 knot or more Trades and their seas is not something to be undertaken lightly, if it can be avoided.
  10. Looked like a dolly to me.
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