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  1. This also from Jim Bolland. I should ask the readers about what they are seeing here and where it could be. The story behind the picture is about a grandfather out on the water and seeing the boat for the first time. The grandson is asking: "Pop, is she flying now?"
  2. I had promised two more. Both by NZ Artist Jim Bolland. The first one is a commissioned work by myself after my company had supplied materials etc. for the German IACC "UITG" built by Knierim in Kiel. This is taken from the original painting and there are 10 authorised copies around somewhere between GER and NZ. Title of the painting: UITG in command.
  3. Nice thread. Have a couple of great limited prints from Jim Bolland, NZ as well as a original painting. Will post this later. The attached one is an original, I owe, painted by the German marine artist, Fr. Karstensen in the 20th and 30h. He shared some jobs with the well known Johannes Holst. One did the ships, the other the sea. This might not have been a "sharing job" as the ship is not a good as Joh Holst did his. See more here: https://www.google.com/search?rls=en&source=univ&tbm=isch&q=johannes+holst+artist&client=safari&fir=awbIZraPoP20EM%2CvOaWbX4RdjsjoM%2C_%3B
  4. Exactly the same happened to me some years ago and I did not have a YT channel or a bigger audience, though I wished for in hindsight. Deposit of $ 90.000,-- for a Santa Cruz 37 paid into yard owners bank account. Got built slot 11 and after built slot nos. 10, they closed the shop (as I was told) but the deposit had been lost. Trying to sue from Germany nearly impossible. Many, many promises and after a while the owner stopped communications. Moonies lost!
  5. Very sad news. I appreciate all those contributors who are pulling out Fotos from the legendary designs, which Laurie did. Keep em coming. Thanks and R.I.P Laurie (just an admirer of his designs)
  6. Hi Randy, great threat. Have run through it and appreciate your detailed fotos. Actually my time in the FD had been in the early 70s and I am sure I had met with Jock Bilder and Murray Ross, the NZ FD team of that time who visited Kieler Woche and who showed us the HAKA. I did ran through 3 FD´s from a very early one with no double bottom but with a wide deck (very safe when capsizing, no water came into the deep hull) But that FD was so out of touch of the newer ones with a full bow section that I had a used one (Hein) later and after 2 years sailing this one, I had been able to or
  7. Hej Phil, now that you outed yourself (at least to me) it would be a pleasure to race against you in 2004 being the same age and maybe only months between vying for the „oldest“ competitor. Which in my humble opinion is not a price I fancy. Apparently I had sold my last MACH2 due to a back injury from DN sailing and being on pain killers etc. after two operations. My heart is still in the class, following the moves and whereabouts and if it is possible to fully recover and get back enough strength, why not buying another Moth and going racing again. Smooth sailing!
  8. Yes, you are missing something. I do hope that "somebody" will re-edit some longer video. All these short cuts on the water, camera shying away from manoeuvres or the real action, boat on boat, I cannot find it on YT. The interviews are OK, covering enough info. Usually the best source for info is here. I can understand that the competitors are tired and not contributing during the event but maybe later the traffic on this page will increase. Many thanks for all the Moth contributors!
  9. Moments in time... Somewhere, I must have the "money shot" when Bond allowed to raise the "curtain. Sold to a German Yachting mag. Yes, thanks for the reminder. Did find the America´s Cup Press pass "PO 758".
  10. Something I do not have but something which gave me a good time in 1983 and got lost (the title) to me. Thanks to the FP it all came back today. WOT. Look at it. Play it. Have a good time!
  11. Still keeping a green „crew shirt“ KA-6 in the cupboard. Have to try in on today to see if it still fits. Keeping great memories about the summer in Newport in 1983. The „Victory“ bar, Rodney and his Morgan, the beautiful girls and all. Thanks for the great idea of this thread.
  12. What does the local weatherman say about the wind today? Being already worn out from the 04:00h „getting out of bed“ at this side of the world. But it is a must see for me. I really enjoy it.
  13. I think it is the opposite.
  14. Good eyes, good viewing. Could it be that they use “the loose” during mid tack to pull the rig to windward on the new side. Moth style?
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