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  1. What does the local weatherman say about the wind today? Being already worn out from the 04:00h „getting out of bed“ at this side of the world. But it is a must see for me. I really enjoy it.
  2. I think it is the opposite.
  3. Good eyes, good viewing. Could it be that they use “the loose” during mid tack to pull the rig to windward on the new side. Moth style?
  4. +1. Yes, I think you are spot on. And the ones who have never sailed a Moth, Phantom or even a foiling Nacra 17 are not able to even think about the time it takes to get exactly those things right. I took me ages on the Moth, of course I am not of the calibre of the sailors in the AC but even with my best technical understanding it cost me a few races before it had been sorted. It is not a boat with a keel and a rudder underwater. Even the IMOCA sailors needed a lot of time which they did not have before the Vendee, to find out, that in their best foiling mode it did not help the speed to have
  5. Can anyone share a light why at this happy moment for the AM team some of you guys are blaring about Dean? In this thread? I honestly think that it speaks for a sailor and his qualities, when he reaches a final in the Americas Cup. I am not sure if you can make the skipper responsible for a breaking boom end, a breaking mast and a boat drowning itself by taking on water. At least the skipper had the guts to tell the guys to bring a blue bucket for the race.
  6. Hmmm... is that to allow for more mast rake as is evident from some pics? Sailing bowdown you do not recognise much of that enomerous rake.
  7. No, not a slow bear away with these boats. Way too much mainsail at the Top. Classic sheathing out is impossible. I am sure Dean knew that he had to bear away as quick as possible to get rid of the damn aerodynamic on the big square head main. Am still trying to figure out what exactly makes the boat rise so high. Couldn’t be the Airbus sticker.
  8. You can read it in #11878, that someone heart someone to say, the FCS batterie dropped through the hull... If not „fake news“ this could be a good reason. On impact, these things can fly if not sealed bomb proof.
  9. What does he want to tell us with the painting in the ocean... It does not look like a heart, this American dude did some years ago, hanging around with the young woman and growing weed and sprouts.
  10. So the wheels don t fall off. Got advised by their F1 connection.
  11. Hah, from the video above you can see a small part of their problem. Watch their manoeuvres and you see that the boat is mostly heeled to leeward (a bit), compared to ETNZ who quickly after the tacks or jibes are heeling their boat to windward as this is the style of 49er and Moth sailors. And I assume must be efficient with the AC75s. I found this so difficult to look up to my feet, heeling the Moth to windward, as I used to sail different boats. Boats which liked leeward heel to reduce the wetted surface. And it is difficult even for someone with all the gold around his neck due to simple mu
  12. In my opinion the answer is given in Post # 5410 from our Italian friends who are describing a big portion of the problem. Difficult for me to explain in short but I had been there with my Moth sailing and a real expert brought wonders to my boat, working hard on the set up and tuning both centerboard foil and rudderfoil to work in harmony. Before either one was creating drag when trying to race the boat by constantly working on the adjustments. After the boat had been given back to me, it all felt light and easy going. It is an all new technique even for the very best and I think they should
  13. Many thanks for these very interesting pieces. It is not only the communication which I find very interesting and educational. You are right on the money: It is the importance of the mainsail control (led) by the best possible crewmember for the job. I think this will be their first item to improve on. My opinion about the Frackers is that they are not 100% up to speed about real apparent wind sailing. Not enough practice with the AC75 and probably not foiling Moths enough. Also the big surface of the foils might be hindering the speed whilst coming up during the manoeuvres. Could a
  14. Not mine! I had the luck to witness his team before the last cup during a training session with the AC45 in Sweden (Saltsjöbaden) and I made my prediction to my sailing friends and it all came true. The team was separated. I had been in the same breakfast room. Could hear the rubbish. I felt for Nathan, who came in late to the session. Knowing him a bit from Moth sailing. Did not see a happy chap. Great management is different from being a great sailor, though it helps to know about the business and how to work with people. Oh, on another note: Seeing the „Rita“ crew at work, I could not
  15. Looking sideways makes your going sideways...mentally
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