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  1. Urban stealth camping comes to my mind. I used to sport an E350, with a platform/futon, down bag. The longboard slid under the platform, all the way to the motor bump. no tent or tarp to call attention. Low profile, six states, and Baja
  2. If you think remote is good, try the Baja coast that’s east of Cedros Island. I’ve been in at Santa Rosailiita. There are several small anchorage along there. Hidden Baja.
  3. ‘94 Kenwood cup was ims. Were ior boats still being built? Series built boats, yes. Custom builds, I doubt it.
  4. I’ve found the ‘91 Transpac program, with pyewacket listed as 1990 SC70. I stand corrected. Guess I own those alternative facts!
  5. Ha, ha. Alternative facts? My recollection was SC 70 Pyewacket's first Transpac was 1993. Afterward Disney turboed the boat, and the next Transpac had "Turbo sleds". I recall Disney saying something to the effect that he was not going to spend a million dollars, and get beat racing in a level rated class again. That ended the sled class, and the IOR in Transpac.
  6. By that measure the last IOR boat built may have been the SC 70 Pyewacket.
  7. As in: "I swear to god honey, Popeye got a positive test, and we all have to stay in Cabo for twelve days..."
  8. https://www.nytimes.com/1993/06/13/sports/yacht-racing-at-50-conner-wary-of-whitbread.html
  9. R.J Reynolds Nabisco bankrolled his first IACC effort. If Dennis didn’t bank a fortune in that campaign he is not as smart as I thought!
  10. A domestic "practice session" or an alternative event to racing offshore, internationally, won't protect you.or your co-sailors from the virus. The fact is you cannot "social distance" on a boat. Tests for the crew prior to embarking will reduce the risk, though not eliminate it. The main factor in contracting the virus is personal behavior. Not air travel, or crossing a border. It's gathering in close quarters, without masks. Sharing sleeping areas, sharing food, utensils, bathrooms. Whether an alternative event, or not, it's equally dangerous for the participants. An opportunist o
  11. I read your long, and short replies. Appreciate your candor, and reluctance to address all the issues around this. I’m reluctant to take sides, can see some merit to both. Leaning toward reliability, safety. And toward promoting a sustainable model, with greater participation. Would be best to promote the sailor’s ability over their organization’s propensity to raise, and spend money. The sustainability of IMOCA is at stake.
  12. Interesting video. I've noticed VPLP, and 11th Hour have stepped up the press releases. Is there a connection to: the seeming rift in IMOCA future planning, relatively poor results of new boats in Vendee 2020, reliability issues versus budget? I sense there are two factions competing for IMOCA future. One side advocating more one design components, to increase reliability, and decrease outrageous budget requirements to remain competitive. And the other a continuation of development, and liberalizing the one design aspects, keels, and masts.
  13. If that's the sum they could have left it at the opening video. I'm expecting to read/see something that has not been revealed, ad infinitum, already in the media. My impression is the congressmen were there, and they don't benefit from what was shown today. Was more for TV audience, which don't have the attention span. The prosecution should say we are finished tomorrow am. Put pressure on the defense to begin immediately, or STFU. The vote is what is important, and will help Dems for YEARS to come. The reps are idiots if they acquit...and they will.
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