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  1. I’ve a friend who was a steel worker aboard the Glomar Ex. Redwood City, when the sub was de-constructed. He talked a bit about it, while saying, “it didn’t officially exist”
  2. Hasenpheffer: Vinegar, and rabbit's blood marinade. Quartered and braised with wine, carrot, parsnip, beet, onion, peas, paprika, parsley, or mint. Served over spatzle. Or, fried potato, on the side.
  3. Long Beach. I knew a lady who grew up there... A life guard, and free diver. I think she lives in Maui now.
  4. That's all you got? I would have thought you would be going apes**t over the aggressive colored woman who is obviously feeding the prez his lines! Instead you are falling all over the old man acting like my dad. BTW he's passed on, so have some respect. It's really a stretch for you to criticize the prez at all, considering your own advanced age, and senility. ANY comparison to the former resident and prez B, it's pretty obvious who comes out on top, so, I'd stay away from that. Why don't you find something to write about, like contrast in policy? I need a laugh
  5. Why english are afraid of rabbits: Rabbits[edit] Accidents in Portland's quarries led to a fear of the word rabbit. Rabbits have long been associated with bad luck on Portland. Use of the name is still taboo—the creatures are often referred to as "underground mutton", "long-eared furry things" or just "bunnies".[94] The origin of this superstition is obscure (there is no record of it before the 1920s) but it is believed to derive from quarry workers. They would see rabbits emerging from their burrows immediately before a rock fall and blame them for i
  6. Rabbits are food, pets, clothing, and good luck charms. Wild hare is something you get when you drink. And bunnies are cocktail waitresses.
  7. That is funny! Reminds me of that "roger and me" movie. Rabbit, you want food or pets?
  8. Outdoor cats will create a coyote, raccoon, skunk, rat, etc. problem. And... they will not solve the rabbit problem. The only way to keep your outdoor cats around the club will be to feed them...outdoors. You end up creating a watering hole type situation. Every opportunistic animal in a mile will end up feeding on the cat's meal. And the cat will end up...up a tree.
  9. Cats are a worse nuisance than rabbits! They, and their food, attract all kinds of other problem animals. If you think you can put ferrel cats in a fenced yard with rabbits to eat, and they will not become a worse problem, for the entire neighborhood, you are dense!
  10. That's funny! You have no idea how anything works!
  11. Key word "capture". Assume you are using a "humane" trap. A snare injures them, eating them after snaring is not mercy, but is putting the carcass to good use. I've had a rabbit issue for several years in my yard. They have chewed through the deer fence, into the garden. I've used a pellet gun to kill them. if injured in the process I can finish it off quickly. Red tail hawks, owls and such have been doing a good job also. There is a neighbor's cat that stalks them, but have not seen a kill. Population has been diminishing of late. Nature's way. The humane traps can work
  12. When will it be enough? When federal judges stop equating an assault rifle witha pocket knife.
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