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  1. A mid latitude low will wreak havoc on this event.
  2. Probably the captain of Peking. In the movie Irving mentions that the "old Man" had transited the horn something like 60 times.
  3. A local diver/cleaner I know had a deadbeat client. Sailed his boat with a dirty bottom a lot... Diver friend swam by one day and using his coarsest pad wiped F*** YOU on both sides of the dirty bottom. Was hilarious to see, and showed for a long time. Sweet revenge. Seriously, you are talking about a couple of bucks. Don't expect to recover it.
  4. Sure. Pressure cook with onion, peppers, and a little water. Break it up, then sauté with more onion, garlic, peppers, tomatillos, tomatoes. Then eat wrapped in warmed tortilla, with cilantro, minced white onion, and salsa. It's called a "taco".
  5. jhc

    what is it?

    Way cooler: https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/shape-superyacht-concept-gaping-hole/index.html
  6. I see you have crawled out of your cave. Changed your meds?
  7. ICW! Your little boat is ideal for the ICW. There is always the possibility to take a section of the voyage offshore, or nearshore. Stick to the ICW for the most part, and you will have a great experience. There is a lot of twists and turns, as well as some near shore sailing, in Delaware Bay, Chesapeake Bay, and the sounds of the Carolinas. You will learn to read charts, and bouy systems. Many towns along the way have "city" or public docks adjacent to the town centers, so shopping is easy, as well as socializing. Many, many small anchorages if you prefer. There are some stra
  8. That's funny! Venom? Spankoka? El Mariachi? Random? Or, the joker!
  9. I'll give him that. Not even a roaring Protector alongside. He has more humility than the average megalomaniac!
  10. There is no correlation, connection with geologic time and western religion. The Bible says the "world" was created in 6 days. The Bible says the "apocalypse" will separate the chosen from the damned. Does not have anything to do with this discussion. Catastrophe, on the other hand, is apt. Though it does not denote the end of life, it denotes change. Usually for the worse.
  11. Depends on where you live! Does not take 60 ft. rise to make a big difference in the human population centers.
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