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  1. You are looking for course over ground or heading?
  2. I am thinking of getting one of these new electronic two color visual distress beacons, have read the practical sailor magazine article, and had the oppotunity to speak with Drew while he was writing it. Can anyone poke holes in this logic below for recreational sailboats, racing or cruising, vessels only (excluding man over board)? It would appear chemical flares (handheld and parachute), for boats within range of Rescue 21 (20 nm), have been entirely obsoleted when vessels are equipped with Rescue 21 enabled ship DSC and handheld DSC radios. With those, chemical flares isn't the m
  3. Cannot match a parachute flare, true, but in regards to the handheld flares, it is debatable which is better.
  4. Nope, this is a new generation of product. New = 2021, the Sirius C-1002 is only available over the last couple of months.
  5. Check your practical sailor magazine for this great article on electronic flares, and specifics on how those based on latest USCG standards (two LED colors, etc.) are a worthy replacement for chemical flares. https://www.practical-sailor.com/safety-seamanship/distress/distress-flares-go-electric Old electonic design = major negatives, must be kept very level to the ground, or they are unviewable in all directions (not easy to accomplish on a boat) and not easily recognizable as distress light from background lighting. New electonic design = many positives, read the article.
  6. I use them, I am not going back. * I had nearly new stainless fail on me, got me looking at other options * affordable to replace if in question * no measurements needed like stainless. * crew likes it when hiking out * always looks good I would do better next time. * find my old turnbuckles and use them, making them adjustable ahead of an one design inspection would be more convient than redoing knots.
  7. Autozone stores have an impressive inventory of batteries to choose from. The Odyssey Extreme (TPPL) batteries are exceptional deep cycle batteries, but like all sealed batteries, you need to have a Balmar MC614 or other smart atlernator regulator, and even if you have that, you will need to make the effort to adjust them and your shore charger for the slightly higher voltages over FLA they must have to fully charge them. (You will permenantly lose capacity if you don't) More about Odyssey Extreme TPPL batteries here https://www.practical-sailor.com/systems-propulsion/electrical/a
  8. Got it. Thank you for adding powerful ideas to the concept of what this can be. What are we missing, why wasn't this done at the time some software geek thought to add "calibrate STW using GPS"?
  9. I am thinking of the GPS to provided that measured mile during calibration, provided it from anywhere, not just two points on land you know
  10. Loaded the B&G Android App on the New Nook 10. Just shows the screen, does not let you remote control. I cannot even zoom. Can you remote control on other Android platforms? I was hoping to give my team on the rail some ability to use it rather than handheld GPS.
  11. 1) Has anyone found a better way to calibrating speed through water while motoring, in waters with current, than using the built in H5000 or other B&G options? My sense is the best option is to measure between two fixed points with known distance, then repeat on opposite heading, and I am confounded why the B&G does not simply use the GPS to get the fixed distance and let me do it anywhere rather than between two known points. Has someone thought to make such a calibration option available, maybe as a Zeus3 or smartphone application connected to B&G via Wi-Fi? 2) I
  12. Deka. I had 4, got 9 yrs life with heavy use including microwave ovens, several deep discharges during multi week vacations. May have had more years but they were not charged enough during winter and cracked one. What I most liked is how much charge it accepted even at 85 percent charge it took most of the output of the Honda 1500
  13. A better way to us a 12v to 12v power supply is to charge your starting battery from your house battery and isolate the start battery to the engine starter, which would eliminate power starvation for your electronics during engine start. When your house battery is dedicated to your house loads, starting the engine causes no problems. Sadly most boats are not wired that way to save money. This does not have to be permenant. If you already have two batteries and a battery switch, they can be rewired, which involves adding at least two additional battery wires, adding or changing the battery
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