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  1. Anybody who ever spent time in the SF Bay, drove over the Benicia Bridge, or sailed the Delta ditch run back in the day remembers this giant ship anchored in the mothball Fleet. A lot of rumors and mystery about this ship back then. Azorean: the raising of k-129 is a documentary on Amazon Prime TV. Sunken Russian sub, CIA , Howard Hughes, amazing 70s technology. If somebody made a movie out of all this, you wouldn't believe it.
  2. A lady walks into a spa and orders a milk bath. The guy behind the counter asks, do you want it pasteurized? No she replied, just up to my tits is fine.
  3. Endeavor to persevere.
  4. Only God dared to tell Bear Bryant what to do. And when he did, it was more of a suggestion really.
  5. He'll be back for #35. Wout is a beast. And that's all I have to say about that.
  6. De nada, Amigo Buena suerte !
  7. Rico's cool. We've got a lot in common. We could have swapped yarns for days. I fished on the Islander out of Fishermen's Landing in San Diego. 1.5 day trip. 34 hours on water.
  8. 55 lb bluefin. Just spent a couple hours with Senor Mariachi. Good fun that.
  9. Apparently, audiophiliacs can't meme worth a shit.
  10. That's a good place for that sort of boat. The only thing that's more obnoxious than that sort of boat is its owner.
  11. Cows schmows . . . Get off of my lawn !
  12. And Ebikes. Don't forget the Ebikes.
  13. Pfffft . . . Invest in quality fishing gear. Don't buy the cheap shit. Best ROI in your retirement years.
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