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  1. The forecast today for Point Arena and out 60 miles is . . . Blowing like stink Awesome ride today
  2. Out of town right now but I'm in on Thursday. Wfd the Boomer!
  3. Assuming the plague subsides, I'll be there in September. In a rental car though. Zurich to Andermatt. Furka round there for a while. Lakes Maggiore and Garda. Finish in Cortina and back to Zurich. Hit all the passes I can.
  4. Funny you should mention that. Just pulled into Fort Bragg. Wife and I will ride the scooter down to Bodega Bay and back tomorrow.
  5. They should require suicide prevention course attendance prior to riding that one.
  6. My doctor felt the same way as yours. The virus killed him in early December.
  7. Hmmm, I guess Rhett Lada does give a damn after all.
  8. Well I'm not worried about me and I'm sure as hell not worried about you. But I am concerned with all those businesses that have to operate on a shoestring because of hard headed Flat Earth boneheaded booger eating morons in denial.
  9. You only get Scarlett Johansson with Moderna. With Pfizer you get Phyllis Diller. Apparently with Johnson & Johnson you get Lynden and Boris.
  10. Don't go there either. It's too wet. How about we just do this here?
  11. Where, PA ? I don't go there anymore.
  12. I'm all for it. I'm as anti Big Brother as anybody but I don't see this as a civil liberties issue. I see this strictly as a health issue. It won't be too much longer when everyone who wants the vaccine can get it. I suppose it's an individual's right in the USA to refuse vaccinations but I also think it's every business has the right to refuse service to those who refuse to get it. Discrimination laws concern race, creed, color, gender, political views, speech, and sports team affiliation and you can't refuse service for any of that. But contagious disease? Well that's differen
  13. I just don't see how anybody can even wonder about this after seeing what kind of unmitigated hell Hobot is going through. A half million deaths in the country and people are worried about the vaccine? They're dead. THEY'RE FUCKING DEAD AND THEY WENT DOWN UGLY! I just don't get it. Just denial I suppose.
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