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  1. I fear not. They will be lucky to get any racing in today as the wind is very light now and with cloud cover may not rise much in the afternoon.
  2. I can see all the courses from where I am and there is very little wind in the harbour. 3kn max. Much less than yesterday. The only hope is for the seabreeze to come in the afternoon but even Predictwind is not promising much I'm afraid.
  3. Why do they have to delay the Prada Cup? The organisers have until the 24th to get it finished. What is wrong with running the event under Level 2? Surely it doesn't effect the competitors - with only a numbers restriction on the event center. Delays might be even be advantageous to Ineos to get their act together. Surely a weeks or more delay while waiting for the level to drop to level one, would cause an outrage with Prada supporters if Ineos prevailed to win the Prada Cup. With the rules supporting Prada, why would they choose to allow the rules to be changed?
  4. I know that Goggle Box concept and is produced by a UK Kiwi! Doing his bit for our PR.
  5. Sailing home at full speed up the harbour. Most impressive.
  6. Unloaded. It would be very interesting to know how much loaded flex deformation there is and how they limit, control and allow this to occur.
  7. A press announcement coming from ETNZ tomorrow as stated on TVNZ1 News tonight.
  8. Peter Lester Phil Robertson and Jesse Tuke with Scotty Stevenson and Toni Street shoreside according to TVNZ
  9. Never saw the Hummingbird Wing flapping or the reverse camber myself despite constantly looking for it and reviewing the footage. Nice idea and seemed a sound concept. Perhaps was too subtle to see. Maybe I missed the above segment!
  10. Really - who cares about Rita B1. Anyway she came in on a car shipment Saturday and photographed on Bledisloe Wharf, Sunday morning sitting in the rain.
  11. I see that Rita B1 is now sitting with all the cars on Bledisloe Wharf in Auckland
  12. It was my impression too that Te Kahu was much faster. The size difference seems to accentuate the speed and maneuverability though.
  13. They are sitting off North Head in very little wind with main up only.
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